Core integrates into OKX Wallet

Core DAO has taken to Twitter to announce that it has integrated into the OKX Wallet. The news comes from the company’s official Twitter account. The strategic partnership is significant because it shows a more substantial commitment to working on the Satoshi Plus Ecosystem.

OKX Wallet and Core, together, will now work to construct the foundation blockchain in Web3. The partnership comes at the right time to solve the issues of the blockchain trilemma and extend helping hands to build on Core.

CoreDAO is credited with being the official developer of the Satoshi Plus ecosystem and also building the infrastructure of Web3 on PoW with Bitcoin. Over 5.7 million transactions have been recorded across multiple addresses on the network. The mission of Core is to build an inclusive Web3 community that has a lot of strength and is known purely for its inclusivity.

CoreDAO promises to stay decentralized and open to anyone who wants to join its community. It is known to be scalable and safe. 

OKX Wallet, one of the best cryptocurrency wallets in the industry, falls under the umbrella of OKX, a reliable trading platform for cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects. Partnerships back OKX with McLaren F1, Tribeca, and Manchester City. OKX functions on the mechanism of “Proof of Reserves” to hold the assets in a 1:1 ratio for complete transparency of funds and reserves.

Anyone can verify the on-chain wallet since it has public status. Anyone can check to see if the assets are indeed backed 1:1. What commits to serve the community stronger is OKX’s initiative to publish its audits regularly.

OKX is on a roll with its updates. A strategic partnership with Core comes days after it introduced two new tools, namely the Peak Sniper and Dip Sniper.

Both tools work together to provide the benefit of lower trading prices and higher selling prices. Profits are surely up for grabs since OKX simultaneously rolled out zero fees for the traders.

The same is true for Core DAO, which announced a $CORE airdrop on February 8, 2023, via its official Twitter handle. Developers on Core are often pampered, for good, with regular developments to ensure that the advancements continue. For example, Core DAO and InfStones Global announced that they would work together to add more tools to help many projects running in the ecosystem.

InfStones opened up its API platform for developers to enable them to architect Web3 applications as seamlessly as possible. With this collaboration, the community gains access to all pricing tiers on InfStones, including the free one. Individuals and businesses can choose a plan on InfStones that meets their requirements.

Core and OKX Wallet have extended each other’s list of partnerships that are only expected to serve the community in the best possible manner. The Core DAO will provide more information in the future.

The community has expressed its excitement, saying that the partnership speaks volumes.

Trevor Holman

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