Cosmos Price Seems to be Surging; Major Resistance to Look for $3.65

Considering the Cosmos price movement from last one day, it was initially seen trading at $3.3538 at 04:37 UTC yesterday. The price dropped again by 3.89% at 13:21 UTC, when the ATOM price was seen trading at $3.2232. On the same day, at 13:51 UTC, the highest touch point was realized when the value escalated by 6.69% trading at $3.4283. By evening at 23:29 UTC, Cosmos price dropped again below the baseline from 4.65% and the trade changed to $3.2782. 

Today at 05:57 UTC, the value saw an upsurge of 3.32% when the price changed to $3.387. The value from then is dropped by 1.59% as of now. 

ATOM to USD Price Comparison

ATOM price chart
Cosmos Price Chart by TradingView

ATOM is performing well and trading in the upward motion, which helps in attracting more followers to make considerable profits. The traders should hold on to their positions for a while, so, if the coin price trading above baseline and moves in the upward direction, they’ll get considerable profits. However, if short-term profits are a primary focus, just emphasize on the daily highest and lowest touchpoints. 

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The calculated resistance and support levels might aid the users to avoid any fall below the baseline: 

R1: $3.43, R2: $3.55, and R3: $3.65

S1: $3.21, S2: $3.11, and S3: $2.99

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