Cosmostation Collaborates with Archway

A robust ecosystem includes a secure consensus layer and a network with a strong foundation and an engaged, wholesome community of users and developers. As a result, developers and builders deserve so much better.

Fat protocol thesis did not emerge without historical examples: For instance, in many cases, base-layer smart contract blockchain networks outperform in terms of market cap, whereas app tokens on application layers have a relatively low chance of doing so.

In the long run, a shortage of incentive alignment could be a significant barrier to newcomers joining an ecosystem and constructing applications and services.

That’s where Archway comes in: Archway focuses on building a mothership-like smart contract blockchain ecosystem that brings all on-chain applications and devs along the journey, with an inventive protocol-layer reward distribution architectural style at its core.

Archway ($ARCH) is a one-of-a-kind, permissionless smart contract blockchain created with Cosmos SDK and Tendermint core. It is designed primarily to incentivize the implementation of dapps built on top. Archway prioritizes distributing inflationary prizes and gas charges to devs and their decentralized applications based on the proportion of each project’s accrued value contribution to the entire network. As a result, the L1 and app layer form a strong partnership: a win-win ecosystem.

Archway protocol, incubated by Ignite and forged by Phi Labs, uses Inter-Blockchain Communication, Gravity Bridge, and CosmWasm for seamless cross-chain interaction and scalability. Thanks to its simple incentive system and Cosmos-native modules, the Archway will serve as an on-ramp to the Cosmos interchain ecosystem for many ecosystem outsiders.

Cosmostation is thrilled to be an investor in Archway’s strategic funding round and long-term ecosystem builder. Cosmostation believes that appropriate developer incentives are essential to achieving both the ecosystem and its native communities. Archway ensures it at the protocol level, ensuring that motivational rewards align between core development and ecosystem scaling. We are excited to be a part of Archway’s journey to build a solid and efficient developer-first ecosystem and a gateway/launchpad into the interchain.

In terms of the following steps, Cosmostation will be involved in various stages of preparing Archway’s mainnet launch and will support the ecosystem with our years of experience in solid validator node operation and development of user-centric applications such as Mintscan, Cosmostation Wallet, and others. Cosmostation, as one of the most vocal supporters of the Cosmos interchain ecosystem, will also help Archway gain public traction in the interchain ecosystem.

Since the inception of the Cosmos Hub, Cosmostation has been a staunch supporter and pioneer of the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. They believe that one of their missions is to use their resources to contribute to the ecosystem’s overall growth and foster ecosystem growth by funding early-stage projects. Cosmostation collaborates with its strategic partners throughout the protocol’s lifetime by aligning with early-phase networks and dApps, supporting and co-building its short/long-term vision.

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