COT witnesses change as Bullish euro bets hit a 15-month high

The traders increased their bullish exposure to the relatively weak euro. It was observed that the currency has been falling for two years, putting a warning for bearish investors. The decrease in short positions was noted, but the notable hike in long bets was also evident.

The prices being comparatively low according to historical standards could lead to a Fed pivot situation where the expectations for a jump in the euro can be observed. 

Following this, whether the traders must cut down their short investments and move towards long betting options arises. However, keep an eye on the city index broker review to get all the necessary details about the commitment news of traders and events in crypto forex trading.

Since July 2021, the net-long exposure to the euro futures has risen to its most bullish level since July 2021. Large investors have increased their net-short exposure to yen futures to a 5-month high. 

Additionally, speculators have raised their net-short AUD futures exposure to 16.1k contracts. Large speculators switched to net-long exposure to Mexican peso futures. Traders have increased net-short exposure to the Swiss franc after it rose to a 12-week high.


Additionally, Platinum futures (PL) and recent rallies witnessed a high rise during the last week of June. Consequently, they see the net long exposure from the Bullish investors. However, investors have shown huge interest and confidence in the Platinum rally.

Trevor Holman

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