COTI brings new Treasury fee model proposal

Some Novel Insights on the Treasury Fee Model Proposal

The COTI treasury is an integral part of the COTI ecosystem, and crypto investors are eager to participate in it. The top management of the COTI ecosystem feels that the time has come to update the Treasury fee model. All gCOTI holders will be given a unique opportunity to vote on whether the new proposal needs to be executed or not. COTI holders will receive APY rewards on treasury deposits as a result of actions taken within the COTI treasury demand fees.

The new Treasury model’s fees are comparatively lower, and the deposit fees are low for starters. A single flat fee will replace fees for withdrawals, and the comparatively low fees will promote increased activity in the Treasury. People at the helm of the COTI ecosystem believe that lowering the fees will benefit the annual percentage yield. Community members can share candid thoughts and suggestions about the new treasury model. It should be noted that COTI is the quickest and lightest confidentiality layer on Ethereum.

The COTI ecosystem has the potential to transform the conventional finance marketplace in a captivating way. The quick and safe transaction with low fees is the imposing trait of the COTI ecosystem that makes it stand apart. COTI brings a unique approach to the financial industry by eradicating intermediaries and empowering businesses to design payment platforms on the TrustChain protocol. 

The COTI ecosystem is known as an inclusive infrastructure for the creation and management of digital payment solutions like transfers and stablecoins. COTI can sort out the issues associated with both centralized and decentralized finance. The COTI ecosystem is well known as an effective, cost-efficient, quick, and exclusive blockchain ecosystem.

COTI features an excellent and well-balanced combination of proof-of-work and proof-of-trust. The COTI ecosystem is conceptualizing an inclusive suite of digital financial tools and technology for the digital economy of 2024. It addresses the scalability issues of prominent blockchain networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The COTI ecosystem addresses scalability issues with trustchain and proof-of-work. COTI uses the Cluster, a distributed ledger, for transaction recording and does not rely on traditional mining for trust. The Treasury of COTI is a dependent and decentralized pool of $COTI and COTI is planning to launch its governance token soon.

The COTI token, a native cryptocurrency within the COTI system, is built on a DAG protocol and has an extremely large supply. The COTI Coin functions on three pillars: Trustchain, BNB Chain, and Ethereum. The COTI token is an efficient layer 1 platform for the needs of consumers and merchants.

COTI is building partnerships with other businesses and merchants to bring use cases to the platform. The Treasury will retain all fees within the COTI ecosystem and distribute them back to the community as a reward. The COTI ecosystem’s scalable digital payment solution offerings make it very popular in the cryptocurrency industry.

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