COTI is on the verge of making a major breakthrough

It was in 2022 when COTI tied with a prime company in the gaming business for the development of a multi-feature product. It is now almost ready to be completed and is in the process of code auditing, as safety checks and penetration tests are being carried out. Since the requirement of the technology is to properly process large volumes of money consistently, the need of the hour for them is to adopt the topmost methods pertaining to the industry.

The solution the team at COTI is working on is various fresh stablecoins attached to different currencies with the utilization of the CMD standard and more blockchains. Efforts are on creating a router to conveniently swap amongst multiple chains to CMD and the other way around. There is the issue of a cryptocurrency gateway for obtaining payments and making withdrawals. There is a need for an incorporation with the company’s payment method and Fiat on ramp.

The gaming company COTI is associated with operates prime gaming brands that render services in Asia and some more countries. Currently, their platform possesses crypto on and off ramps, but there is a requirement for further functions in their ecosystem that are to be cost-effective, as well as upgradable. COTI’s solution brings into focus a blockchain-oriented Private Payment Network that is incorporated into their platform. The network will provide their associate the option of obtaining crypto deposits from various chains and cause immediate settlement, inclusion, and cost-effectiveness. 

Further to this, it is possible to utilize the network for minting, as well as allocating and transacting in fresh stablecoins attached to multiple fiat currencies. In the case of users, they will be encouraged to utilize the network and carry out transactions in these fresh stablecoins since it offers a substantial running cost saving for their associates. These transactions are carried out via COTI’s framework for upgrading ability, as well as low cost and data control. 

Since their associate honors cryptocurrency deposits, COTI looked out for blockchains that were adaptable to their ecosystem. The fact that many of their clients belonged to Asia, they selected the utilization of a segment of the TRON blockchain on the part of the client via a COTI router in the center. 

COTI’s solution will function with fresh stablecoins being minted. These will be connected to the local currencies of the associate’s choosing. Users will obtain these stablecoins via online winnings on games or buying through an incorporated fiat onramp or DEX. Users will have the option of making deposits on their associates’ platforms with the utilization of a cryptocurrency payment processing system. The stablecoin will be changed to the correlated CMD token through the COTI router. The CMD tokens will then be shifted to the main business pool for the purpose of disbursement and account crediting. 

The CMD standard offers further advantages to their associate, which includes cost-effective transactions, immediate solutions, and the option to upgrade operations when required. No added input is needed from the user. The entire process is extremely simplified. 

Where COTI is concerned, all of this will be a major achievement as they have put in a lot of effort. The solutions utilize the CMD tokens, as well as the option of swapping amongst various chains, stablecoin backing, cryptocurrency payment processing, and business-level system control. 

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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