COTI Partners with Revuto to Bring Djed to Their Platform

Exciting times are ahead as a partnership between Djed and Revuto has been announced. Revuto is a FinTech start-up helping in the management of recurring subscription payments. Revuto offers a DeFi service and can be used with a prepaid debit card supported by Cardano native tokens.

The foundational element in Defi is the stablecoin which ensures that users are treated to a smooth on-and-off experience for their crypto assets. With the support of Djed, the same can happen on the Cardano blockchain on a native basis. End users will significantly benefit from the partnership between Djed and Revuto, offering exciting new possibilities such as topping up the debit cards of Revuto using the functionality of Djed.

Present users of the subscription management platform of Revuto will be allowed to purchase Djed tokens based on fiat. The top management of Revuto is firing all cylinders to make the most of this partnership with Djed to stay on top of the blockchain crypto sector.

Vedran Vukman, CEO of Revuto, stated that they were immensely pleased to finalize a partnership with COTI, thus exploring new horizons in the innovative sphere of FinTech. Their involvement in the latest cutting-edge technologies in this booming sector has led to tangible gains across the sector. There has been a spurt in growth due to the association between Revuto and COTI. There is a positive market sentiment that serves as undeniable proof that there is a good market appetite for robust payment system solutions. The core strength of Revuto is to showcase project readiness mainly in the supply side scenarios, for which the partnership with COTI creates the most fertile platform.  

There are also reports that talks are in the advanced stage for the step-by-step integration of Djed into the Revuto app, thus guaranteeing their users the ability to interface with multiple options for subscription payments.

One of the strategic pillars of the overall blockchain ecosystem is in developing resilient crypto-based payment systems that can give maximum impact to the end-users. The launch of the Djed partnership continues to explore strategic ties with like-minded crypto asset companies and will have positive developments from COTI.

About Revuto

Revuto is a dynamic FinTech start-up company that specializes in offering Defi services in the excellent management of recurring subscription payments. The core functionality of Revuto is to enable the use of prepaid debit cards, which is reinforced by the Cardano native tokens. Revuto is all set for exponential growth, with its subscriptions growing a hundred-fold. The investor option is Revuto is turbocharged, and there is a positive investor sentiment that exudes confidence. The main purpose of Revuto in the thriving economy is to offer a world-class and efficient subscription management experience, 

The core mission statement of Revuto is the elimination of subscription charges for those who do want to use them and to enable universal access to the subscription management plans.

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