COTI V2 Airdrop is now live: Grab your share of $8 million now

COTI, the leading platform in the crypto industry, has just presented its largest token giveaway ever; this indicates a bright era for the platform with all its ardent supporters. The COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign is an extensive campaign holding 40 million $COTI V2 tokens valued at about $8 million to be distributed, which is a turning point for the platform. This charitable program aims not only to illustrate COTI’s generosity and develop its relationship with its users but also to allow COTI to explore new directions and grow as a platform.

The campaign’s immediate launch on March 25, 2024, established the inclusive participation window, which runs until the Token Generation Event (TGE) of COTI V2 in the fourth quarter of this year. The Treasury participants who are making deposits will then receive the rewards. As a result, the latter can substantially expand their holdings.

The eligibility requirements for this airdrop are quite broad, including both Native and ERC-20 $COTI holders. Until February 28, 2024, individuals who deposited the cryptocurrency are eligible to receive supplementary rewards in addition to their anticipated airdrop earnings as a token of appreciation for the community’s continued support. 

The portions of airdrop volume allocated to long-term and active Treasury holders are determined by the time of deposit, the applied Treasury Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and the overall activity of the platform. This arrangement has been meticulously planned to provide such rewards.

Participation in the campaign is simple; no prior experience is required. Beginners initiate the process by accessing, where they can fund the treasury using either their ERC-20 tokens or Native coins via a VIPER wallet or Metamask Wallet, respectively. An expeditious entry process can be achieved by having novices peruse the VIPER Wallet’s step-by-step guide, characterized by its approachability and simplicity. 

Following the platform’s interface is straightforward. As a result, participants can easily fund their virtual accounts, choose their preferred multipliers, establish the locking time, and earn exponential returns.

Furthermore, the scope of this endeavor extends beyond the mere delineation of new deposits. By virtue of their enrollment in the promotion campaign, the seniority of deposits held at the bank by existing customers is automatically reset; thus, no further withdrawals or re-deposits are required for their existing accounts. This direction demonstrates the COTI’s desire to interact with the community and be a part of their ecosystem.

Provision of an APY Boost for $COTI ERC-20 deposits, reward claiming, and deposit top-up options, among other functionalities, will be implemented in anticipation of the more significant gCOTI event. These enhancements are anticipated to enhance the reward mechanisms and user experience even more. Furthermore, these revisions solidify COTI’s position as a pioneer and active participant in the digital currency community.

COTI not only validates its reputation for philanthropy but also establishes a benchmark for user engagement and incentive strategies in the realm of digital assets with the initial advancement of its historic distribution campaign. This campaign appeals to all old and new supporters alike. The opportunity to be a part of the significant expansion of COTI’s enduring legacy is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Scott Cook

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