Could Borroe ($ROE) become more popular than Chainlink (LINK)?

The crypto market is a vast ocean of innovations, from virtual worlds and meme coins to file storage platforms and privacy tokens. And then, we have specialized projects like Chainlink (LINK), the pioneer in decentralized oracles.

Platforms that become profitable investments have a first-mover advantage. Borroe ($ROE) falls into the same category with its disruptive AI-powered crowdfunding platform. 

Could it be more popular than Chainlink (LINK) and perhaps other coins? Let’s find out.

Chainlink (LINK) Surges Following The Launch Of The CCIP

Chainlink has added to its steady gains from June 10, 2023, following the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) release. 

This is the latest addition for Chainlink, enabling many blockchains to integrate with the Oracle service. Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon are the few networks expected to use CCIP, meaning LINK will enjoy new users. 

Another interesting thing happened with Chainlink, whereby it experienced a 21% price surge in less than 24 hours (from $6.89 to $8.39). Lookonchain tweeted that two whales purchased 788,877 in LINK (equating to $6 million) caused the jump. Another bullish sign for Chainlink is its open interest in the futures market, now worth over $267 million.

These factors paint a good picture for the platform as it continues to dominate in the decentralized oracle space. LINK has a market cap of about $4.4 billion. Meanwhile, the second-most popular oracle network, BAND Protocol, only hits $173 million.

Borroe ($ROE) also aims to become this dominant as the first DeFi service using AI and blockchain technology to offer revenue stream loans.


Borroe ($ROE) Aims To Disrupt The Traditional Finance Industry

Just as Chainlink (LINK) disrupted how data feeds were delivered, Borroe ($ROE) looks to reinvent traditional revenue financing. It delivers an innovative solution for Web3 content creators and businesses to access short-term cash without going to a bank or other financial institution.

With Borroe ($ROE), you use your future income from retainers, invoices, royalties, management fees, and subscriptions to receive credit in a crowdfunding platform. This happens in a secure, decentralized, efficient, and quick manner that doesn’t cost a fortune.

After registration, Borroe tokenizes the seller’s future revenue into an NFT which gets listed on the marketplace. Keen investors will fund the amount in exchange for a small portion of the income after the loan is repaid.

Over time, they can rely on consistent returns, while creators and businesses benefit from accessing capital in the simplest way possible.

So, how will ROE become more popular than LINK? Borroe is capitalizing on a relatively untapped market worth billions of dollars. As more people get familiar with the proposition, it will soon resonate as it did when Chainlink was new.

Investors can buy Borroe’s governance token, $ROE, to get involved. In quick time, 15% of the tokens have been sold in Stage 1 of presale at $0.010. Buying at this point means you can realize a 25% gain when the value becomes $0.0125 in Stage 2. 

In the near future, the prediction is for $ROE to be worth $0.040, representing a 300% ROI for early investors.

Learn more about the Borroe presale here:

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