Covalent joins forces with Flare, a Layer 1 blockchain

Covalent, a Web3 data supplier, makes the official announcement that it has formed a collaboration with Flare. This was accomplished to enhance its blockchain analytics solutions. For the uninitiated, Covalent is a Web3 data supplier that connects to over 40,000 developers. Also, it optimizes data for more than 5,000 applications. 

For the extension of capabilities, it is necessary for developers of dApps and other blockchain projects to connect to a more diverse data pool. This is sufficiently addressed by Covalent’s on-chain analytics, which will rely on the vast quantity of standardized and consumable Web3 data points.

Through this partnership with Flare, Covalent will give developers who want to make real-time applications, especially ones designed to work with Web2 and Web3 components, better data points. Flare’s design modules help developers gain decentralized connectivity with high-integrity data from various chains and the internet. Developers are offered data and a stack for creating new-age interoperable dApps that ensure the smooth flow of assets, information, and liquidity amongst all chains.

According to the CEO of Covalent, Ganesh Swami, they intend to continue being the wealthiest blockchain data platform on the internet. He believes this will be made possible by merging prospective ecosystems, such as Flare. This will help in providing an entire retinue of required data points. They also intend to keep backing the development of these upcoming ecosystems and increase their value for the sake of Web3 builders. 

Through this collaboration, Covalent will also collect analytics from Flare’s canary network mainnet and its testnet, Songbird. Songbird users have a rich ecosystem with hyper-focused activity data, which will now be made available with the help of Covalent.

Hugo Philion, CEO and Co-Founder of Flare, has ambitions to offer a wider variety of time series data feeds, including commodity pricing, real-time events, and Web2 API outputs. This will help consumers through the provision of novel use cases. Additionally, he investigates the possibility of integrating their interoperability protocols into Covalent’s Unified API. Covalent’s data collecting technique provides latency for retrieving the most current data, effective breadth encompassing over 80 blockchains and other sources, and substantial depth. This enhances the capabilities of Web3 data, providing users with the most advanced analytics standard.

As an entity, Flare is an EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain, which provides developers decentralized connectivity with high-integrity data from various chains and the internet. Flare’s State Connector Protocols offer information from different blockchains and the internet to be utilized in a safe, scalable, and trustless fashion with smart contracts on Flare. The Flare Series from Oracle provides highly decentralized pricing, and data feeds to dApps on Flare.


Covalent provides a high-quality unified API that provides access to an abundance of Web3 data points. With data from more than 93 blockchains, developers and researchers can create multi-chain applications such as crypto wallets, NFT galleries, and investor dashboard tools. It boasts of serving a community of over 40,000 builders and increasing data for over 5,000 applications.

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