COVID-19: Joseph Steinberg Raises Alert Over Ongoing Cyber Crime

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The Covid-19 outbreak has lead to a lot of haywire in the world, and sadly, cybercriminals are taking full advantage of it. They are, in fact, leaving no stone unturned to attempt fraud during the ongoing pandemic.

The cybercriminals are increasingly targeting healthcare institutions and successfully posting malware and ransomware to exploit hospitals. Since a lot of lives are at stake, professionals from the healthcare industry cannot afford to have systems down or wait longer for the mess to get recovered.

On talking about the same threats and malicious activities @JosephSteinberg, an Advisor on CyberSecurity and Emerging Technologies slammed cyber-criminals of being so “disgusting” in the midst of a global health crisis engulfing the world. He expressed his sincere concerns over the ongoing cybercrimes where the cybercriminals are shamelessly targeting hospitals amidst the pandemic.

Corona is a Legit Jackpot for Scammers!

The Covid-19 outbreak has been a bonanza for scammers and cybercriminals who are misusing the current need for information related to the pandemic which enables them to make money and steal information and data.

There are emails designed to deceive people into opening attachment files leading to download corrupt software. This is, in turn, leads to enable hackers to have access to personal data and information. As per reports, there are cases where some messages have imitated the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while some have forged information from health authorities in various other countries.

This is What is Happening! 

It was previously reported by the Czech National Office for Cyber and Information Security that a hospital in Bro, Czechia was forced to cancel all operations planned and send the severe patients to other hospitals after being a victim of a cyber attack. The hospital staff had to shut down all of their IT systems as they were encrypted by ransomware.

What Can We Do? 

The hackers seem to have attacked the most critical aspect- the emotional side. Taking advantage of the ongoing pandemic, it became very easy for them to forge data from the already concerned citizens in the name of providing them information regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. 


Organizations have thereby been advised to implement and promulgate a transparent, centralized, and consistent process that works internally to communicate about all events and precautions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ruchi Brahmbhatt

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