Craig Wright Presents Fabricated Documents In Kleiman Case To Prove His Innocence

The ongoing Wright-Kleiman case has now taken a new turn as Craig Wright finds a fresh accusation emerging against him of having produced fabricated documents in court in order to prove his innocence. The forged documents were disclosed by Stephen Palley, the trial lawyer, on the micro-blogging site Twitter on 3rd July 2019.

As per the trial lawyer, the documents that the self-proclaimed ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ – Wright has produced in court have more than one chronological discrepancy which, in a way, establishes the fact that Wright has forged the documents.

A number of exhibits were submitted with the Florida Southern District Court on 3rd July, including proof of cooperation document between Kleiman (now deceased) and Wright. The presented trust deed has its date recorded as 23rd October 2012. However, the file’s metadata apparently implies that the deed was created after Kleiman’s death, which was in the year 2013. Palley has found out that the trust deed document actually utilizes a copyright notice of 2015 related to the Calibri font of Microsoft Word. That directly points out the fact that the documentation couldn’t have been created earlier as claimed by Wright.

It must be noted that the case against Wright was filed by the estate of Kleiman in February last year accusing him of stealing Kleiman’s Bitcoins, worth more than 5 billion dollars while writing, post-Kleiman’s death. Wright is also accused of forging Kleiman’s signatures for transferring his assets in his name. Kleiman was a cybersecurity expert believed to be one of the first blockchain technology and Bitcoin developers.

In June, Wright proclaimed that he wouldn’t be able to comply with the court order that asked him to furnish a list of all of his Bitcoin addresses, including the older ones, as he had provided all the vital information with respect to his wallets as well as funds to Kleiman prior to his death. And now there’s no way he can access them.

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