Craig Wright Unable to Access Bitcoin Fortune, Says Bloomberg Report

The Craig Wright case is moving forward with an unexpected turn of events. The latest reports published on 28th June 2019 by Bloomberg have Wright claim that he doesn’t have any kind of access to his Bitcoin fortune. Thus, he won’t be able to comply with the court order that required him to furnish a thorough list of all of his early public Bitcoin addresses. This court order came on 3rd May and was issued by the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida.

Not just this, Wright has also stated that he may never be able to have access to the coins ever. Wright, who is a computer scientist having his roots in Australia, is the one who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the number one cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

For those who came in late, Wright is fighting against the charges of stealing bitcoins as well as intellectual property that’s worth billions from his deceased business partner David Kleiman, an expert in cyber-security. The case was filed by Kleiman’s estate back in February last year. Many believe that Kleiman was the one among the first developers working behind both bitcoin and the technology of blockchain.

Kleiman’s estate has alleged that Wright went on to forge contracts which claimed to pass on David’s assets to Wright and/or entities under his control. The allegations say that the contracts were not only backdated by Wright, but he also forged David’s signatures on them.

What’s more is, Wright has revealed that he had provided some vital pieces of information with respect to the wallets and funds to David prior to his death in the year 2013. That, as a result, has made it tough to trace these digital wallets that hold the bitcoins. He suggested a possibility that he might never get to access those coins and he is okay with such a scenario.

Divulging further details, Wright disclosed that his decision to discontinue working on Bitcoin came in 2010 citing his concerns about the token being utilized for activities such as drug-trading. He said he had brought Dave in as he thought of him as his friend who knew him well. Continuing further, Wright said that he wanted to erase possibly everything that related him to bitcoins from the public records and because Dave was a forensic expert, he thought he could help him do that. It was a way so that people don’t get to know that he was Nakamoto, according to Wright.


There was also an attempt to carry out mediation in the case in June in Florida. However, as it turns out, things failed to settle, as per the court document.

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