Craig Wright’s “Bitcoin Proof” Sealed By The District Judge; Wait To His Nakamoto Proof Elongated

Craig Wright has been in the for quite a while, not necessarily for good reasons. His claim of being Nakamoto, though, is not the only reason for him being in the news. Last week, the District Court of Miami, Florida, had directed Wright to appear in person, declining his plea to allow his attendance via video conferencing or mediation.

The case in question was filed by the estate of Dave Kleiman, the deceased partner of Wright, who are said to have mined Bitcoins together. The estate alleges that Wright illegally transferred all the Bitcoins belonging to Kleiman, or their partnership firm, W&K Info Defence and Research LLC, by faking the sign of his deceased partner.

The case was filed by David’s daughter, Ira Kleiman, who alleges that Wright unlawfully transferred 300,000 BTC which either belonged to her father or W&K. Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered Wright to submit the list of the total Bitcoins he holds on or before June 17, failing to which could lead to contempt charges. Wright complied to others and submitted the required documents to avoid the charges.

However, the sealed the documents submitted, barring the media, general public, and even the plaintiffs, from accessing them. This might be on Wright’s request, who made a similar plea in April.

The documents submitted were have been extremely vital for determining the legitimacy of Wright’s claim of being the creator of Bitcoin. The documents might have the oldest Bitcoin token he holds or mine, that could testify the claim or against it. Unfortunately, the sealing the documents took away a big chance for those interested to expose or those supporting Wright’s claim. In fact, the entire crypto community, most of which have been against the Bitcoin SV chief, would have been interested in the proofs he submitted.

Roxanne Williams

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