Creation of appchain with the codebase of Solana

The CEO of MakerDAO, Rune Christensen, claims that it is possible for an upcoming appchain that is meant for the DeFi lending protocol to be created with the utilization of the codebase of Solana.

This latest appchain is a segment of the supposed Endgame plan. The plan is aimed at enhancing the MakerDAO governance and making certain that the protocol is able to sustain itself. Efforts towards the project are now a year old, and it has recently obtained the necessary go-ahead. Endgame comes with five stages. Stage 5, being the end stage, will position a fresh chain, NewChain, as a space for the backend tools backing MakerDAO.

According to Christensen, the NewChain is required to enable the ecosystem to utilize hard forks for regaining when technical letdowns and governance threats occur. Following much deliberation regarding the base of NewChain, he feels the Solana stack is the most viable codebase to take forward. In case the MakerDao community is inclined towards the suggestion, it will be the moment to form an association with the current Solana community. In his opinion, this will be made possible through a funding exercise for the Solana ecosystem.

Christensen is of the firm viewpoint that there is a requirement for a Two-Stage Gravity Bridge between NewChain and Solan besides the bridge between NewChain and Ethereum. It will help in powering the network impact on the total multichain economy.

Besides Solan fork, Christensen feels the other hopeful for delivering Maker’s latest appchain will be the Cosmos SDK. However, on the other hand, he is not sure about the effectiveness of the Cosmos ecosystem vis-a-vis Solana, and the maintenance may be more costly in the future. There is also the factor that Cosmos does not come with a robust core base organization such as Solana, which could be either negative or positive.

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