Creo Engine announces a partnership with Wormfare

Creo Engine has announced a partnership with Wormfare. The goal is to target Web2 and Web3 gaming in order to broaden the audience. Moreover, Creo Engine is onboarding Web2 developers who are looking to make a breakthrough in Web3. Wormfare has been chosen for its capability to revolutionize a segment. It had previously pioneered crypto gaming platforms by introducing the mechanism of motivated staking.

Both partners bring their respective capabilities to the table. For instance, Creo Engine brings updates, sneak peeks, and access to WOFR, along with special content, AMAs, and other projects that are certain to benefit the community and the industry. Wormfare, on the other hand, creates unique character NFTs. These will be maximized via Asset Interoperability available on the Creoplay App.

Creo Engine has stated that they are proud to be partnering with Wormfare and can’t wait to bring new updates to the community. Wormfare has confirmed the partnership by reposting the announcement on its X profile. Wormfare has said that this is a partnership to get excited about.

Communities on both sides have responded positively to this update; however, sentiments are not evident on the listed value of CREO. The native token of Creo Engine is down by 2.22% in the last 24 hours at press time. The token is currently trading at $0.05664. The value further reflects a drop of 20.86% in the last 7 days and 30.90% in the last 30 days. There is a notable dip in the market cap, with a jump of 30.045 in the 24-hour trading volume.

The development comes a couple of days after Creo Engine confirmed the complete rollout of CreoPlayFest 1.0 rewards. Also, Creo Engine has shared a roadmap to empowerment. It highlights three phases, with the first phase dedicated to setting up the distributed computing system. Phase 2 and Phase 3 entail integration with AI, gaming tasks, and automated functions, respectively.

A partnership between Creo Engine and Wormfare aligns to foster innovation and community engagement. The roadmap announcement included this information. Also, it has committed to providing tangible rewards to community members.

Members of the community continue to support Creo Engine. Most of them believe that CREO has a brighter future if Creo Engine maintains developments like these. Near-term predictions, estimating CREO to surpass $0.074923 in the next 5 days and $0.186551 in the next 30 days, further support this. Amidst the prevailing volatility of 14.09%, the monthly surge would be more than 200%.

Till then, sentiments within the Creo Engine’s ecosystem are bearish. Its partnership with Wormfare will have to fetch better than expected results, or there could be a further decline within the picture frame.


Creo Engine and Wormfare are committed to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming ecosystems without compromising on the aspect of onboarding developers to the platform.

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