Creo Engine announces integration of OKX wallet into Creoplay

Creo Engine announced the integration of OKX Wallet with the Creoplay app, enabling its users to access their assets with additional options. This builds on top of MetaMask’s availability. OKX Wallet has been chosen, for it is one of the most trusted crypto wallets in the market and grants access to over 3,000 cryptocurrencies along with thousands of dApps.

The benefits of the partnership are mutual. Creo Engine’s users have an additional option to access their assets. Similarly, the users of OKX Wallet can access the ecosystem of Creo. This entails more than 10 million users across all jurisdictions where the wallet service is functional. Reportedly, OKX Wallet exists in more than 200 countries, with 80+ networks to its name.

Integration of OKX Wallet with the Creoplay app is part of the mission of the Creoplay app to expand its ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to provide an enhanced experience to its users, who are often referred to as Creotizens. It carries forward the commitment of the wallet provider to offer a better user experience in terms of buying, managing, and selling digital assets on its platform.

More benefits of integrating OKX Wallet include the availability of more than a hundred payment methods and support for EVM and non-EVM networks. As for the payment methods, OKX Wallet supports payments through Mastercard and Visa, among other options. The other best crypto wallets on the market are Exodus, Trezor, MyCelium, Coinbase, and ZenGo. One crucial way to check their reliability is simply by reviewing their security measures or discussions within the community.

Members of the community have responded positively to the development. Most of them have congratulated Creo Engine, as OKX Wallet has proudly welcomed them to their Web3 ecosystem. Many members have also said that they are now bullish about $CREO, the native token of the Creo ecosystem.

With a current price of $0.08716 and a twenty-four-hour increase of 2.02%, CREO is, in fact, bullish. It also indicates a 28.90% increase over the past 30 days and an 11.89% increase over the previous seven days. Since the composition of this work, its 24-hour volume has increased by 23.05%.

OKX Wallet has confirmed the development on X, saying that they are gaining momentum with 26 new projects joining their ecosystem. Others to join the list are Volmex Foundation, EtherFi, NFP, OrdStarter, and Rune Alpha. Projects to have joined the ecosystem hail from different segments of the industry. For instance, Rune Alpha hails from Inscription, while Creo Engine hails from GameFi.

That said, the partnership between Creo Engine and OKX Wallet also signifies the growing opportunities in the world of Web3. There is plenty of scope and space for players to explore in association with each other. It is likely to benefit their users and advance the adoption of Web3 in every possible aspect.

Roxanne Williams

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