CREO Engine announces integration with Neo Tokyo

CREO Engine announced an interaction with Neo Tokyo. The objective is to drive innovation and growth in the Web3 gaming industry. Creo Engine said in the announcement that purchasing the S1 Citizen felt only natural, hinting that it is something that was bound to happen one day or another. It chose Neo Tokyo for the quality of the community it houses in the ecosystem. Plus, Neo Tokyo is better positioned to support Croe Engine by expanding its connection, growth, and market share.

Moving forward, Creo Engine aims to enhance the user experience while ensuring that the content of Web3 gaming is top-notch. It said in the announcement that the short-term goal is to ensure the integration process is as seamless as possible so that users and developers don’t feel any hit.

Creo Engine believes in the Neo Tokyo community. They are bringing a pool of knowledge, gaming tools, and resources that will benefit Neo Tokyo immensely.

The development aligns with the Engine’s mission, which is to make CreoPlay an important part of the Web3 gaming sphere by creating a world that is more interconnected and exciting in the times to come. Neo Tokyo has confirmed the announcement, and the community has expressed excitement.

It comes days after Creo Engine collaborated with more than 15 Web3 gaming projects and industry leaders. This includes the likes of TKO, PAAL, and ATOR. CREO, the native token of Creo Engine, is now registered under BAPPEBTI. It is now a legal crypto asset accounting to Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency under the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

CreoPlay, which is at the center of the recent integration, has attracted more than 70,000 users. It is further registering a steady increase in on-chain transactions. Evermore Knights, the flagship title of Creo Engine, has more than 60,000 monthly active users and has achieved over 200k downloads. It has generated more than $800k in revenue.

The Revenant Prince is live on Steam, and Slime Haven is slated for release later this year, which is 2024.

CREO, its native token, has been up by 6.11% in the last 24 hours since the time of drafting this article. The token is listed at $0.1437, which is a further surge of 63.28% in the previous seven days. Developments like these are helping Creo Engine grow its ecosystem and drive the price of its native token toward the sky.

Creo Engine joining hands with Neo Tokyo builds the groundwork for further innovation in Web3 gaming. Creo Engine also targets a more user-friendly and immersive gaming experience.

Neo Tokyo brings to the table its community and a chance for growth. Similarly, Creo Engine brings resources, knowledge, and gaming tools to the table that will help CreoPlay grow in the market.

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