Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT collection ready for sale

Christiano Ronaldo’s latest NFT collection, ForeverCR7: The GOAT, will be made available for public consumption on Binance NFT. There will be 28,000 Normal (N) NFTs as part of the collection, each priced at 10 USDT. Through a subscription system, there will be the selling of 1,200 Rare ® and 120 Super Rare (SR) NFTs. 

This system will ascertain all buyers have a level playing field while taking part in the initial selling of the limited offer of NFTs. These NFTs will come for 30 USDT in the case of R, and the SR is priced at 200 USDT. There will also be 6 Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs through an auction. The initial price will be 15,000 USDT. 

Where Ronaldo is concerned, his football legacy, too, is rare. To his credit goes the scoring of a total of 838 goals. Hence, he has launched his NFT collections in partnership with Binance NFT, a premium NFT marketplace platform of Binance ecosystem. Individuals will have the opportunity of taking ownership of unique NFT collectible cards, which will have various benefits attached to them. This will provide the option of interacting with Ronaldo too. 

For individuals wanting to purchase a Normal NFT, they are required to obtain one out of the 28,000 ForeverCR7 Boxes accessible on The price of every box is kept at 10 USDT and comes with seven separate designs that constitute the normal NFT collectible cards set. 

Every design is based on one of CR7’s hundred goal landmark, which will extend to 700 goals. The intended buyer is required to have a minimum of 0.1 BNB in his Binance account. In the case of the 6 Super Super Rare NFTs, the selling will take place through an auction which will be carried out on Binance NFT.  

Trevor Holman

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