Cronos Labs partners with Google Cloud for Web3 acceleration

Cronos Labs, which is basically a blockchain startup booster and into decentralized finance as well as Web3 games and social applications, is planning to form a collaboration with Google Cloud. This is for opening the doors towards the improvement of the accelerator program, which will, in turn, offer startups the necessary resources for dealing with the development of AI-enabled Web3 applications inside of the Cronos ecosystem.  

As per the understanding, Google Cloud will be responsible for providing its credits to projects which are an extension of the accelerator program. This will provide the opportunity for startups to be able to utilize the services rendered by Google Cloud, as well as its products and framework for the creation of Web3 applications. 

In the case of the accelerator program, it will also be in the position of gaining from Google Cloud’s AI knowledge for organizing AI-related workshops. They will also prepare startups for the use of AI in terms of their dApp activities.  

According to the Head of Cronos Labs, Ken Timsit, this collaboration will turn out to be extremely beneficial for them as it will become possible for startups to get effectively connected with the absolute new-age cloud framework and also the required resources for developing unique Web3 applications. 

As for the Web3 lead at Google Cloud Asia Pacific, Rishi Ramchandani, he is of the opinion that innovation has a crucial role to play in matters of Web3 and is pleased with the opportunity of being able to contribute towards the accelerator program with the necessary technology, as well as their complete backing. 

As far as the accelerator program is concerned, it looks into the prime verticals of DeFi, as well as GameFi, SocialFi, and the framework. Identified projects are offered seed funding to the tune of $30,000, and this can, at times, reach the figure of $300,000 if the situation arises. 

Cronos chain, on the other hand, is the very first EVM adaptable Layer 1 blockchain network that has been duly created on the Cosmos SDK. It is fully backed by, as well as GameFi applications. Their aim is to be able to reach out to more than 80 million users worldwide.

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