Cronos X Altura Emergence of innovative Web3 games on Cronos Chain

Altura is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Cronos that will let game designers use Altura’s SDK and APIs to create cutting-edge Web3 games on the Cronos Chain.

Furthermore, Altura’s user-friendly NFT marketplace will act as a catalyst for mass appeal. The innovative games launched on the Cronos chain will be able to reach out to a broader group of audience.

Game creators can avoid Web3 technical challenges like Solidity and blockchain node management by using Altura’s API & SDKs.The collaboration intends to shorten the development lifecycle by making it simple for developers to build, scale, and monetize Web3 games.

Cronos gives game developers various advantages

With over 500 ecosystem partners and developers and a $100 million Accelerator Programme launched in June 2022, Cronos is a well-known blockchain that supports.

Its Layer-1 blockchain compatibility with EVM enables quick app porting from Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks.

The open-source framework Cosmos SDK, which supports IBC, is used in the construction of Cronos. Interoperability is promoted by the cross-chain communication mechanism known as IBC. 

It makes it possible to connect other IBC-enabled chains, such as Osmosis and Cosmos Hub.

Scalable operations are made possible via Cronos. Proof of Authority (POA), the applied consensus method, is a scalable model built on top of Tendermint’s Proof-of-Stake. The execution of smart contracts by POA is guaranteed to be affordable, secure, quick, and carbon-neutral.

It’s vital to note that Cronos and are integrated. Numerous Web3 game developers use for a range of services. For instance, they can connect with customers who prefer using credit cards and various cryptocurrencies as payment options. You can learn more about the services offered by this exchange in this review.

Kingdom Karnage’s cooperation with Altura

By collaborating with the play-and-earn game Kingdom Karnage to bring it to the Cronos chain, we are securing our Cronos integration.


Kingdom Karnage, a multi-platform trading card game created by Kepithor Studios, gives players the opportunity to create strategic decks, fight, explore dungeons, take part in regular and seasonal events, compete in live tournaments, and win prizes. Players have the choice to trade cards off-chain or on-chain in this game.

The collaboration between Cronos Labs and Altura is a significant turning point toward advancing the creation of Web3 gaming on the Cronos blockchain. Furthermore, by combining their expertise, both firms may build a more robust ecosystem that provides Web3 technological benefits to gamers. The collaboration will help not only the gaming sector but also the larger blockchain community.

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