Cronos X Ubisoft: Advances blockchain in gaming

Cronos, which is a top blockchain that works with Ethereum, as well as Cosmos ecosystems, has formed a collaboration with Ubisoft. Through this collaboration, Ubisoft will remain involved with blockchain technology via its Strategic Innovation Lab. Ubisoft, which is an absolute top-of-the-line video game developer and publisher, will be a part of 27 more node operators that are on the open-source Cronos blockchain. Together they will help in bringing about a sense of balance and safety to the network. Every node plays its part in the decentralized authentication of transactions carried out on the network. 

Cronos collaboration with Ubisoft is a step in the direction of its aim to associate with open-source supporters and authenticators coming with a high level of technicality. Some of the supporters for the Cronos blockchain are names like, as well as Blockdaemon, Dora Factory, and others. In the role of an authenticator, Ubisoft will play its part in the governance of the blockchain. 

In turn, the Cronos ecosystem will gain by having access to Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab when feedback is required on matters of scaling of technology for backing gaming use cases. In the recent past, Ubisoft had taken part in the Cronos Accelerator program in the role of a startup consultant. 

According to the Managing Director of Cronos Labs, Ken Timsit, he has associated with Ubisoft on a number of occasions with regard to the blockchain ecosystem. He has extremely high regard for their know-how on blockchain technology that brings together gamers with game developers. In the recent past, Cronos introduced Cronos Play, which is an array of developer tools and incorporations for narrowing down the process of building blockchain-oriented games. Incidentally, Cronos Labs is a blockchain startup accelerator with its eyes on decentralized finance, as well as blockchain games, and a contributor to the Cronos ecosystem. 

Where Cronos is concerned, it is a leader amongst EVM adaptable Layer 1 blockchain networks and has been created on the Cosmos SDK. It has the backing of, along with, and over 500 developers of applications and associates. 

In the case of Ubisoft, it is a developer of unique and engaging games which keep the global audience enthralled. In its enviable portfolio, it has come up with games like Assassin’s Creed, Brawlhalla, and so many other fascinating titles. 

Strategic Innovation Lab is involved in exposing the futuristic scenario for the benefit of Ubisoft. It looks closely into the upcoming technologies, business patterns, and societal shifts so as to be able to remain in sync with the changing times and scour options regarding innovations. They are also into creating various types of models with the help of multiple associates.

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