Cross-chain freedom takes flight: LayerZero V2 is live!

With permissionless, censorship-resistant, and fixed compatibility with over twenty chains, LayerZero V2 is currently live.

V2 includes several premium features, including universal messaging. This will enable relaying any type of message accumulated between nodes, including tokens, arbitrary data, and calls and functions from the outside.

When selecting from a security stack for authenticating cross-chain messages, there is the modular safety factor, which grants developers the ability to select their preferred combination of over 20 decentralized verifier networks (DVNs).

Furthermore, the permissionless implementation of an executor within V2 enables any user to operate it. Unified semantics enable developers to construct applications and tokens that operate identically across all blockchain V2s featuring an active endpoint using OApp and OFT contracts.

V1 exhibits adaptability, which implies that opportunities for V1 applications are subject to change. Applications that are presently positioned on V1 can benefit from the most recent safety considerations and implementation techniques via ULN 301.

LayerZero is an immutable, censorship-resistant, and permissionless protocol that facilitates the linking of blockchains. By employing LayerZero, developers can transmit arbitrary messages across channels and maintain absolute authority over the security components of their applications. LayerZero allows developers to construct, configure, and link devices, tokens, and data primitives across multiple chains.

With LayerZero, anything that is programmable in the form of a smart contract on a single chain can be conventionally programmable across multiple chains. Over forty thousand OApp contracts have been deployed on LayerZero since its inception.


A considerable number of teams employ LayerZero’s OFT Standard to facilitate token augmentation and the development of high-end applications comprising clusters of OApps, including lending markets, stablecoins, bridges, business ventures, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), meme tokens, and identification services.

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