Crosswire.Finance announces $sCRSS presale details

Crosswire.Finance has announced details for the presale of $sCRSS, informing the community that the event will first happen at a third-party platform, PinkSale, followed by their own platform hosting the resale event.

Defined as a stakeholder token, $sCRSS is tentatively expected to go live for presale on PinkSale on May 12, 2023, for three weeks. It will see 0.5 million stakeholder tokens float in the market to raise a total of $325k. This will be done in two stages, with 250k tokens in each stage. The price in Stage 1 will be $0.6 and $0.7 in Stage 2 for every token.

The target is to roll out 1 million $sCRSS in the crypto presale. This represents two percent of the total supply of the stakeholder token. Crosswire. Finance has mentioned in the announcement that the price will be capped at $0.95 for every token.

A private pre-sale will go live on June 3, 2023, for three weeks. The number of tokens in both stages will remain the same. What will change is the price per token for $sCRSS. Stage 1 will see a mark of $0.75, and Stage 2 will host the token at $0.85. A total of $400k is estimated to be raised through the Private token sale event.

Also making its way into the market is Crosswire.Finance V2. The latest update to the project follows the inability to raise sufficient funds after the launch of V1. It saw the project incur losses because of the exploit.

Version 2 has been developed; it was released for beta testing and saw some minor issues brought to light. The project is now all set to release, provided it can circumvent the core issue of missing liquidity. That’s not all; other issues are marketing funds and missing liquidity. All these are important to support and further develop the project.

$sCRSS comes with the utility of allowing holders to own a part of the project and earn profit in the form of trading fees and other platform fees. A larger number of holders is only expected to make it convenient for the team to achieve DAO and hand over the project to the community.

Crosswire.Finance is hosting the token sale event for the following benefits:

  • Gathering resources to market the platform.
  • Accumulate liquidity to launch V2.
  • Develop resources to support the ecosystem.
  • Onboard new users who don’t just support the release but also bring more users with them.
  • Expand the current team.
  • Take it as a way of moving forward to develop the project and the code.

Crosswire.Finance, in the announcement, has sought assistance from the community to make the release a success by supporting the presale event.

Prior to hosting its own presale system, $sCRSS will first use PinkSale, an external platform. Interested users will have two stages to look forward to in both situations. The maximum price is capped by Crosswire.Finance is $0.95 as of now.

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