Crudeoil Finance and Moonlift Announce Strategic Partnership

Moonlift is one of the most innovative technologies in the Binance Smart Chain network, which is trying to build a comprehensive ECO system, including DEX, farming platforms, NTF marketplaces, lottery systems, and many more. Moonlift is now in the process of expanding its ECO infrastructure to the polygon network as well. 

Crudeoil Finance is a decentralized yield aggregator for the DeFi economy. They believe that their interests are wholly aligned with the growth strategy of Monnlift DEX that is now operational in its nascent state. The two firms will work together to produce yielding farming technologies. 

Users will be saved from compounding their earnings, and Moonlift farming customers will get access to Crudeoil rewards to boost the overall APY of all farms. Users will have to inject liquidity into Moonlift DEX and stake their LPs in the Crudeoil platform vaults. 

Users who are already staked in Moonlift are advised to remove their stakes and re-stake them in the Crudeoil vaults to be beneficiaries of the lucrative new farm APYs generated by the partnership between the two firms. Crudeoil vaults that will be highly lucrative for Moonlift users will be the MLPTX-BNB LP vault, the MLPTX-BUSD LP Vault, and the BNB-BUSB LP Vault. 

Besides the farm growth strategies, both Crudeoil Finance and Moonlift will work together to develop global marketing strategies to attract a wider user base for their attractive farm APYs. The two firms will try to create new international marketing channels for the benefit of both parties. The end goal of the strategic partnership between Crudeoil Finance and Moonlift is to create a joint Crudeoil-Moonlift ECO infrastructure. 

Roxanne Williams

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