adds passkeys and hardware tokens for advanced security, a certified and secure platform, has implemented state-of-the-art security measures, including hardware tokens and passkeys, to ensure that all transactions are authentic. These hardware identifiers are comparable to Yubikeys.

Jason Lau, the Chief Information Security Officer at, has maintained the organization’s commitment to the effective protection of its linked users’ assets from the start. The company provides advanced security that is both user-friendly and effective by incorporating hardware tokens and passkeys. Users are protected and the risk of account takeovers is substantially diminished by these solutions, which offer a highly secure and seamless approach. Our thorough consumer protection strategy relies on hardware tokens, which provide an additional physically separated layer of safety.

In the case of hardware tokens, they are equipped with a distinct tangible line that functions as a guard rail, a mandatory feature in accordance with their comprehensive user protection policy.

The hardware tokens and passkeys are equipped with robust safety features, as well as being entirely privacy-oriented and quickly responding. These are the primary factors that distinguish them from the more or less common protection attributes.

A highly effective safety mechanism will be implemented to prevent hacking, phishing, and other threats, as an illustration of the advanced safety attributes. Users have the option of authenticating themselves using facial features, fingerprints, and passwords. Additionally, a safeguard key is included to prevent the necessity for a user to switch between multiple applications. In addition to this, the passkeys are viable across all devices.

The replacement of devices and the withdrawal of assets will necessitate the use of biometric data, a screen lock system, and a PIN once they have been positioned within a application.


Presently, hardware tokens can be accessed through iOS, with upcoming plans to include Android OS as well.

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