Chain (CRO) Price Analysis:’s Unpredictable Price Values Perturb Market Trend, founded in 2016, is high-performing native blockchain which reportedly enables instant crypto transactions. The company’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Headquartered in Hong-Kong, CRO has a total supply of 100 million tokens and trades on 22 exchanges globally.

Cryptocom Chain Chart

According to the reports from Coinmarketcap, is being traded at 0.046569 USD on April 02 at 09:39 UTC. Based on the concurrent mcap value of USD 207,115,287, the cryptocurrency is ranked the 34th largest in the crypto market. However, the overall market has seen major jumps from its opening in January 2019. The market cap value has been completely ranging bound with the values varying between 30 million and 45 million USD and its respective trading price between 0.012 and 0.022 USD. The values shot up by an average of 75% between March 8 and 11 when the MCAP value traded between 65 million and 75 million USD. These values did not sustain for long, as the mcap values hiked further crossing 150 million on March 12, reaching an all-time high of USD 439,623,866 and trading at 0.110410 on March 15 at 19:34 UTC. The peak values declined, as fast as it rose, on March 16 and have been going down ever since, reaching the current Mcap value of USD 211,584,402 for the 24h volume of 751,810 USD. The selling price of the cryptocurrency on April 02 at 14:34 UTC reached 0.047283 USD or 0.00001012 BTC. The current price down drifted from its all-time high by a massive 107.78%. The volatility of the cryptocurrency brought about huge variations in the trading price and value in a short period of time. The inability of the token to sustain the market values and the overall trend is brought down further by the bearish pressure.

With such a volatile currency, the price prediction for the future becomes challenging. Wallet investors, although there is no consistency in the current market, predicts an increase in the price value by 2020. It estimates the price to reach 0.132 USD in 2020 and further increase to 0.469 in 2024. Similarly, digital coin price believes that the market is suitable for long term investment plans; hence, expects the values to reach 0.15186478 USD by the end of 2024. Also, technical analysts from crypto-rating predict the price to increase by 75.93% in one year time period, reaching 0.083540 USD in 2020. The cryptocurrency’s future holds well with the hiking percentage of price by 162.8% in 2024. The volatility of cryptocurrency affects the market drastically. These increases in price values are achievable once the erratic variations are suppressed. Trading beasts predictions look accurate with price growing an average of 0.19 USD by the end of 2019 and by 2022, if the market stabilizes, the cryptocurrency will be traded at 3.44 USD with a maximum estimated price of 4.30 USD and a minimum of 2.92 USD.

Although the future of the token looks a lot brighter, the current scenario does not suit the buyers. The substantial differences in the market trend do not provide security to investors. Though the predictions favor the long term investment plans, the current market is advantageous to the traders. Their short term plans will provide high returns and sustain the market in the future.

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