Launches Crypto Tax Filing Service in Australia has launched a new service to help make it easier for Australians to file their cryptocurrency tax returns. This service, called the Tax, had been launched in Canada and the USA earlier. It is now being extended to Australian users. Tax makes it easy to complete the complicated process of cryptocurrency income tax filings. The service is also free of cost. provides users with 100% accurate tax reports that include their cryptocurrency transaction history and records of long-term and short-term profits and losses. reports calculate all kinds of taxable and non-taxable cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions. lets users download their transaction history from different supported crypto exchanges in the form of a CSV file. Tax also has an API synchronization service compatible with major crypto platforms like mobile app. Once all the data has been downloaded and added to tax, it can calculate the user’s estimated tax on cryptocurrency transactions in just a few minutes. The user can then download this estimate report and submit it for their cryptocurrency tax filing with the government. Get more details about here. Tax has worked with some of Australia’s best tax law advisors to create a system of estimation complying with all Australian taxation regulations. is a kind of bank for cryptocurrency that provides all services related to buying, selling, and exchange through the platform. Additional information like trading rates and compliance certifications of is also mentioned in the review. 

This tax filing service is the newest addition to the platform’s already extensive repertoire of services. They hope to make cryptocurrencies safer and easier to deal with for ordinary Australian citizens to capture a larger market share in the Australian crypto sector.

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