signs agreement with Climeworks & strengthens sustainability journey, as part of its plans, has taken the initiative of signing an eight-year contract with Climeworks to fulfill its commitment to the nullification of its direct carbon emissions., as an entity, happens to be the undisputed leader of industries related to regulatory compliances and security and privacy certifications boasting of being connected with over 70 million customers who completely rely on it.

Its joining hands with Climeworks happens to be a step taken in the right direction of working towards its sustainability and carbon management plans. Climeworks, on the other hand, happens to be one of the very first companies engaged in carbon dioxide removal with the help of direct air capture technology. The joint focus will now be on the spending and integration of integral and new-age technology, which will come in handy for lessening carbon dioxide in the overall atmosphere and something that can effectively be scaled. 

All crypto enthusiasts are closely watching reviews to get all the needed information about this new partnership towards carbon management and sustainability management issues.

Since 2021, has dedicated all of its efforts to connecting with many carbon removal providers, policymakers, and its commercial tie-ups, the likes of Shopify. These activities were carried out in order to be able to make accurate calculations on the measurement of their carbon footprint so that effective means can be adopted for the eradication of the remaining emissions.

After a lot of deliberations, they finally honed in on Climeworks, considering the fact that in order to achieve their goals, the most impactful way would be the direct air capture technology that the entity is known for.  

According to the President and Chief Operating Officer at, Eric Anziani, they are extremely pleased with the fact that they are working now with Climeworks. This will also provide the opportunity for them to move towards forming better sustainability in terms of the entire connected industry. Where the Chief Commercial Officer at Climeworks, Jan Huckfeldt, is concerned, and in his opinion, carbon removal needs to be scaled to gigaton capacity somewhere in the middle of this century. The voluntary carbon market will have a big role to play in this. 

On its part, is utilizing the unique way of technological carbon eradication that is being provided by Climeworks. This is to be able to nullify’s scope 1 and 2 residual emissions. In this way, the entity happens to be standing by a technology that is moving towards a global net zero. This is because understands the significance of emissions reduction and for greater sustainability, like scouring residual and scope 3 emissions reduction efforts.


In the words of the CEO at, Kris Marszalek, in order to bring about real change, both the aspects of climate, as well as environmental sustainability, needs looking into. 

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