Supports Cosmos’s Mainnet Upgrade

Cosmos Hub, the first of hundreds of interconnected blockchains, has announced its Vega upgrade that will bring about new major upgrades and advanced features to the platform. The Cosmos Hub will encompass the Cosmos Network that supports its primary token, ATOM, and plans to adopt many more tokens in the future. Cosmos Hub blockchain will get upgraded at 6910000 block height.

However, in order to guarantee the security of its client funds while the upgrade takes place, Cosmos Hub will momentarily suspend all its ATOM deposits and withdrawals in the Exchange as well as mobile app, effective from December 14th, 2021, 6:00 UTC.

However, the platform will ensure that this does not affect ATOM trading as the platform will closely supervise and monitor the entire situation. The deposits and withdrawals will resume after the network has proven to be stable. is a leading cryptocurrency and payment site that helps to promote the worldwide adoption of digital coins. The best Canadian crypto exchange is headquartered in Hong Kong and run by Kris Marszalek.

Currently, the platform has over three million users, and this review suggests that it is expected to rise in terms of popularity.

Cosmos Hub Review


Cosmos Hub is the 1st blockchain launched on the Cosmos Network, and its function is to connect other blockchains known as zones in the network. Cosmos Hub allows quick, seamless, and secure transfers of tokens, including its primary token, ATOM, across zones once the links are complete. Cosmos Hub is a powerful, scalable, interoperable, and customizable ecosystem of connected blockchains.

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