to support the Cronos V1.0 Galileo upgrade

Cronos has finally announced that V1.0 Galileo is ready for the upgrade. The countdown has been going on for some time, and the community has something to smile about now. Cronos took to Twitter to share the development while also reminding the community about the features that it will bring along with it.

The upgrade is tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2023, at 00:30 UTC. It will include features like Mempool Prioritization, Optimized Nodes, and Greater Interoperability.

To start, Mempool Prioritization commits to offering something that has been in the pipeline with a lot of excitement surrounding the idea. Cronos will, through Mempool Prioritization, offer a higher TPS by sorting the transactions according to EIP1559. Users will benefit from faster TPS thanks to Mempool Prioritization. 

The next in line is what node operators have been looking forward to. Cronos has shared that V1.0 Galileo will have full nodes requiring 30% less storage to offer a reduced node start-up time, registering a reduction of approximately 50%. This will be coupled with other improvements related to performance.

Two more features are in the store following the successful upgrade. This includes:

  • IBC Token Transfer Memo Field
  • IBC Incentivization

The release of the upgrade will facilitate increased EVM or Cosmos IBC compatibility. has supported the upgrade by temporarily suspending withdrawals and deposits on its network. The trading facility will run unaffected at The platform will resume the deposit and withdrawal facilities once the upgrade has been successfully concluded and implemented.

Cronos V1.0 Galileo is tentatively scheduled to go live on January 18, 2023, at 00:30 UTC with the support of the Exchange and App.

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Cronos V1.0 Galileo upgrade goes live today. Keep a lookout for when resumes deposits and withdrawals for Cronos on the platform.

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