Collaborated With Ledger Vault For The Institutional-level Custody Solution

The industry of digital currency keeps witnessing interesting collaborations every now and then. One such partnership has been announced recently that involves and Ledger Vault. As per the official declaration, has collaborated with Ledger Vault for the institutional-level custody solution. The update was shared with the crypto community by through Twitter on 15th May 2019.

As per the latest partnership, exchange will be deploying Ledger Vault. For those who came in late, Hong Kong-based is one of the prominent platforms that allows you to purchase, sell and pay with cryptocurrency thanks to its variety of products.

Ledger Vault is digital currency wallet management solution that comes with multi-authorization feature. It enables financial organizations to carry out digital asset functions at a greater scale and higher speed. With the utilization of Vault, will be able to manage its funds and all its clients’ crypto assets more effectively and securely.

Thanks to the multi-authorization feature of Ledger Vault, building, authorizing as well as broadcasting transactions on the chain will be done within seconds by the custodians. In addition, these activities don’t require multi-authorizing participants to be at the same place. This feature makes the process of custodianship scalable to a far greater extent at a global crypto market. At the same time, it provides utmost security against standard crypto threats along with potential human errors.

Kris Marszalek,’s CEO and Co-founder, came forward to share his views on the company’s latest collaboration. He said that they were thrilled to have partnered with Ledger Vault, adding that the partnership will allow them to offer scalable business operations while ensuring maximum possible security.

Ledger Vault’s CEO, Pascal Gauthier, also expressed his excitement about the partnership. He stated that they were pleased to extend support to in achieving its goal to offer completely safe digital assets to its entire user base.

Scott Cook

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