Unveils its Innovative Wallet Solution for Users

Serving the global crypto community as a highly acclaimed exchange and blockchain-powered platform, has overwhelmingly announced the news about the launch of its revolutionary solution, the Wallet. By unveiling its one-of-a-kind robust wallet service, the network has planned to establish itself as a strong, innovative, and fully decentralized ecosystem infused with the utmost potential to cater to the requirements of one and all.

The global customer base of the cryptocurrency exchange will enrich themselves with the ownership of their private keys after acquiring the wallet service of the platform. This will leverage the processes of sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies directly on the blockchain network. The team working behind the exchange aspires to bring cryptocurrencies in the mainstream financial business and thereby to accelerate the transition to virtual currencies in a big way. The wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by the android users and App Store by the Apple users.

Kris Marszalek, co-founder, and CEO of stated,

Kris Marszalek stated

The spearhead added that the non-custodial wallet will soon place it as a market-leading solution concerning UX, features, and incentives.

As the ecosystem works to bring a major section of the global population under the crypto shed, the wallet solution is being created to aid the operations of expert crypto users as well as the novice users. High-end features like backup recovery phase and enhanced sending or receiving crypto features incorporated through crucial upgradations will attract the experienced crypto users while the newcomers will be duly helped by the platform during their first transaction.

Prominent Features of Wallet

  1. More control- The users will enjoy due control of their assets and private keys as importing of the present decentralized wallet using a 12/18/24-word recovery phrase to the wallet.
  2. Better security- Customer’s device will contain the private keys encrypted locally and safeguarded by a passcode, biometrics, and 2-factor authentication, providing unmatched security.
  3. High speed- The users can transfer their crypto assets at enhanced confirmation speed and affordable network fee charges.
  4. Convenient access- One can easily connect to the exchange’s app to work upon the amazing suite of financial services provided by the wallet solution.

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