Crypto community calls JASMY and LDO ‘Dead Coins’, hidden Ethereum token takes the spotlight

Currently, the crypto community is engaged in heated debates about two specific coins, JASMY and LDO, which some investors have deemed ‘dead coins’; there has been a transition to another Ethereum token.

Thus, while well-known tokens like SHIB and DAI coins have dominated the Ethereum space, an obscure project called RCO Finance (RCOF) has been steadily climbing up and could be a hidden gem.

The decline of JASMY and LDO

JASMY, the token utilized in the Jasmy ecosystem, is based in Japan and aims at data governance and financialization. This has caused its token to experience a drop in price and an overall bearish outlook.

JASMY’s all-time high of $4.79, recorded in February 2021, is now a distant memory, with the current price posing at a staggering 99.40% lower. Similarly, Lido DAO’s (LDO) token has also dipped, with a 72.60% drop from its all-time high of $7.30 in August 2021.

The crypto community quickly disregards these tokens as ‘dead coins’ due to their perceived noncore use-case, poor price performance, and perceived stagnation from their project teams. This sentiment has been compounded by the general market trend, where most altcoins cannot hold their ground.

The rise of RCO Finance (RCOF)

Amidst the doom and gloom surrounding JASMY and LDO, a lesser-known Ethereum token, RCO Finance (RCOF), has been calmly gaining attention.

Native to the RCO Finance platform, the Ethereum token acts as the local currency, enabling the trade of various RWAs via asset tokenization. RCOF Ethereum token holders get access to airdrops, priority support, governance voting rights through staking, and reduced trading fees.

This Ethereum token is now in presale, offering early investors the chance to multiply their initial investments by 30x upon listing. The stage-based presale system lets participants boost their investments when the token is listed significantly. The RCOF Ethereum token’s popularity is evident, with over 39 million tokens sold.

SolidProof has audited the Ethereum token’s smart contract to ensure its security and integrity. Unlike JASMY and LDO, RCO Finance has implemented advanced tokenomics designed to sustain the project and prevent pump/dump or liquidity issues upon listing.

Notably, 50% of the tokens are for public sale, showing RCO’s commitment to community development and fair distribution, ensuring most DAO votes stay with the community. Additionally, 12% of the tokens are reserved for liquidity and locked for three years to prevent pump-and-dump scenarios.

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Key advantages of the RCO Finance (RCOF) Ethereum platform

The key to RCO Finance’s success is innovation and Ethereum’s blockchain. Based on Ethereum, RCO Finance is connected to the vast network of dApps and DeFi projects, thus providing users with various investment instruments.

Being a DeFi trading platform, it uses crypto AI for its operations, and it provides users with digital stocks, ETFs, and real-world assets available in the system. The selling proposition of the platform is the RoBo-Financial advisor that analyzes the market for the most effective trading method.

The crypto AI robo-advisors provide recommendations on investment decisions dependent on the client’s choice of investment objectives, preferred level of risk, and prevailing market trends. This strategy has drawn the interest of many eager investors who want to transform RCO Finance into a utility investment management center.

RCO Finance users can invest in over 12,500 asset classes worldwide with up to 1000x leverage without cumbersome KYC requirements. The platform’s no-code base simplifies crypto trading for beginners. Its user-friendly interface offers access to 120K+ tradable assets, providing unmatched opportunities for diversification and profit maximization.

Additionally, the issuance of no KYC debit cards allows investors to spend their crypto profits freely in the real economy, further emphasizing the platform’s commitment to user convenience and financial independence. 

In this light, RCO Finance stands out as a revolutionary investment platform uniquely equipped to meet the needs of modern investors.

Invest in the future of crypto investing with RCO Finance

RCO Finance is conducting its presale, offering investors an early opportunity to join this crypto AI DeFi trading platform. In the first stage, RCOF Ethereum tokens are $0.0127 each, and over 40 million have been sold. 

The price will rise by 169% to $0.0343 in the second stage, making now the ideal time to buy at a discount.

The launch price of RCOF is expected to be between $0.4 and $0.6 when the token is listed on crypto exchanges, potentially increasing by 3000% from the initial price. An early investment of $1000 today could yield an ROI of $30,000 by the end of the presale.

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