Bitgert’s impact spreads: Crypto community enthusiastically purchases Bitgert coin

Migration within the market is a common phenomenon. Regularly, numerous innovative blockchain technologies and solutions pop up in the market. They introduce unique measures to address prevailing issues such as scalability, transparency, usability, and security, among others.

Upon launch, the most innovative solutions start gaining traction and attracting followers as users recognise the unique advantages offered by these projects. However, it’s important to note that many users and developers originate from pre-existing platforms, leading to a migration process. This pattern is evident in Bitgert Coin’s journey as well.

Bitgert’s ecosystem has significantly increased in adoption and integration. Bitgert’s innovative solutions and robust ecosystem have drawn users, developers, and projects, making it the ultimate platform for digital interaction. As Bitgert’s impact spreads, the crypto market has seen its enthusiasts enthusiastically accumulate Bitgert Coin.

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Superior technology

Bitgert Coin operates on a Proof of Authority consensus, unlike the conventional use of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake by other projects in the market. 

This superior technology supports a shorter block time and lower gas fees with its ecosystem. Bigert’s transactional speed peaks up to 10,000 TPS at top speed, which is at least three times faster than your average exchange in the market. 

Moreover, Bitgert’s zero gas fees have also attracted a growing number of investors.


As the blockchain industry continues to grow, stable and secure exchanges are of peak interest to traders as well as investors in the market. Bitgert Exchange, one of Bitgert’s native products, is popular among investors for its top-level security and scalability. 

By using double-sign detection and other slashing logic, Bigert Exchange guarantees a secure and stable platform for users and investors alike.

EVM compatibility

BRISE, Bitgert’s native token, supports smart contract functionality and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

This EVM compatibility makes it easy for developers to port their DApps and other projects from Ethereum.

For instance, it would take a little tweaking here and there for applications like Metamask to be configured with Brise Chain.


With a developer count of over 600,000 users, Bitgert is ready for other projects to migrate their tokens to take advantage of performant transactions with more liquidity options and native marketplace features.

Experts are bullish on Bitgert and are confident Bitgert will only continue to grow in adoption and market value in the future.

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