Crypto Companies Continue to Lure Buyers Into Space, As BRD Announces Apple AirPod Giveaway Till Month End

Cryptocurrencies came into being with the sole motto of replacing traditional currencies and monetary systems. Blockchain businesses were said to be the leading example for prevailing businesses, and the innovative tech was touted to be the future of the economy.

However, it’s not only traditional companies learning all the time. Cryptos can also learn a thing or two from oldies, especially in the field of marketing and sales. Though cryptocurrencies are touted as the future, they still are far behind in promotion. Major reason for that could be the lack of traditional skillsets in ‘tech-focused’ executives and founders, who dominate the crypto world.

One of the marketing tricks adopted by DLT platforms is giving discounts, bonuses, and goodies to new entrants and existing customers. Last Friday, crypto wallet BRD tweeted that it is giving away Apple AirPods and Bose QuietComfort to new and existing users.

In another tweet, BRD stated that users could redeem their AirPods by trading $2,500 on the application.

Giving away valuable gifts has been a quite popular marketing trick, especially after the advent of social media. Companies are known to conduct mini-contests, which encourage users to take part in the giveaway. Also, this creates a fair chance of a viral word-of-mouth promotion, which has been extremely beneficial for several companies. The crypto wallet also took a similar path, by asking enthusiasts to retweet its pinned tweet, and reply on it tagging three friends.

The contest will end on the last day of April, and the winners of the giveaway will be announced on the 1st of May. Also, BRD is also giving away the famous Bose QuietComfort II to users who trade over $5,000 in cryptocurrencies on the application.

Prior to this one, BRD had announced a giveaway on the World Book Day, April 23, for users who traded up to the value of $100.

Cryptocurrency markets are expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Despite the bearish market trends of 2018, the industry at large grew by 122%. Also, several crypto platforms like Ripple, Stellar, SwiftCash, TRON, etc. are making ground-breaking progress in the direction of crypto adoption. Experts have predicted that digital currencies will take over up to 50% of the global economy by 2026-2027.

If this has to become a reality, crypto wallets will have to play a significant role. Especially, with internet spreading almost at an unreal pace in user-intensive markets like Asia and Africa, mobile-based crypto wallets, like BRD, will be highly demanded. Earlier this year in January, BRD raised $15 million in fresh fundings for expansion in Asian markets. Schemes like these giveaways have done well for traditional companies in Asian markets, and BRD would like to repeat the feat.

The trend of ‘giveaway’ marketing is fast picking traction in the crypto industry. Last week crypto trading platform and wallet, eToro, announced a massive giveaway of a total $1,650,000 worth Ethereum to new users who open accounts on the crypto wallet.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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