Crypto Exchange Bittrex Warns Users Against Malicious Agents

Bittrex has recently come to know about the scammers who pose as the exchange Bittrex and ask for deposits to list a coin. Because of that, the exchange had to warn its users against such frauds.

In an attempt to alert the crypto-community regarding the scam, the exchange took to twitter saying, “We’re aware of scammers impersonating Bittrex by offering fake listing agreements in exchange for security deposit tokens. Don’t fall for it. We DO NOT charge a listing fee.”

About Scam :

Following the tweet, the exchange was asked by a Twitter user named @Zabisara that what they charge $500,000 for if not to list a coin. After that, Bittrex clarified the fact that it does not charge fees to list a cryptocurrency. With that, Bittrex also provided a link to its website where it elaborates its listing procedure.

The user further inquired asking, “So any project/company that claims they can get you listed on Bittrex for any amount of money, is bogus? Or do you guys work with certain projects/companies to list the ones that pay quicker?”

The exchange finally stated, “Thanks for reaching out. That would definitely be a scam. If you encounter anything like that, let our team know at so we can report it,” defining such scenario a scam.

Job Opening at Bittrex :

Emphasizing the significance of security, Bittrex has posted a blog that says they are open to hiring a security engineer. The blog post indicates required qualities for the position which are being passionate, leading the game of cybersecurity, and ability to solve unique challenges to be able to drive the potential security intelligence. Additionally, a deep understanding of information security was essential for the candidate.

The blog post adds, “Maybe it’s cryptography, network security, software security, malware analysis, forensics, security operations, incident response, and/or emergent security intelligence.”

Although, any specific criteria in education and experience was not mentioned for the job position.

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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