Crypto Exchange Coineal Announces Collaboration with Binance, To Develop Binance Chain

Crypto Exchange Coineal had announced that it has partnered with Binance, along with Coineal Labs to build Binance Chain. It will also be working with Binance to build blockchain developer community, social initiatives, and building a start-up friendly environment.

Collaboration between crypto exchanges is still a rarity, however, going forward, many such efforts are expected. The industry is expanding rapidly, and for better efficiency and management, companies will have to come together. Binance DEX, the decentralized crypto exchange of the ecosystem, made a breakthrough last month, when it executed a transaction worth $1.2 billion for a fee of $0.015, in just 1.1 seconds. This is what future beholds, and hence, Binance Chain needs strong development to execute its powers at a large scale.

On its website, Coineal states,

Coineal Labs is a Blockchain incubator and seed capital that is established by the world’s leading crypto asset exchange “Coineal.” It seeks to catalyze “sparkling” ideas and bring them to fruition.

Binance Coin (BNB) became the first BEP2 token to be listed on Coineal Exchange. It will be available for trading with BNB/USDT pair from August 8.

Coineal Labs also provide long-term comprehensive support services to projects who have their tokens listed on the Coineal exchange.

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