Crypto Exchange FTX US Enters the Blockchain Gaming Market

FTX US, the American offshoot of the popular exchange platform, is planning to establish a decentralised gaming environment. Officially called FTX US Gaming, it is intended to combine the rapidly growing areas of the DeFi sector. As NFT and metaverse have faced greater demand in the past few months, this is a proactive move from the crypto exchange to preserve its relevance in the crypto space. The ever-expanding tokenomy is pushing even the most traditional institutions into such unconventional markets.

Owned by Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX US is easily one of the popular names in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto exchanges have been helping investors to exchange or convert their virtual currencies for years now. FTX US exchange offers more than 40 leveraged pairs, 20+ perpetual swaps and many other services related to trading online. Many experts and user reviews consider it to be one of the best exchanges in the market.

FTX US has also posted an advertisement for two openings, both of which require software engineers with expertise in C program language and Unity game engine. This means that Unity’s engine would play a pivotal role in the development of the new FTX US Gaming infrastructure. 

FTX US’s goal is to use the “crypto-as-a-service” model for its operations. The new development will allow creators and publishers to launch or offer support to their tokens or NFT through the FTX US platform. Two billion players will now be offered the option to claim in-game items such as NFTs. The project opens up the platform towards a much larger customer base, considering the growing NFT marketplace.

According to Brett Harrison, President of FTX US, the platform will be driven towards gaming as a major market in 2022. The outlook of the platform will be altered to accommodate these new developments. The primary goal of this proposal is to bring cryptocurrency wallets directly into the gaming economy to enhance the accessibility between the two areas. If everything goes well, gamers will be able to access their crypto wallets, NFTs and trading interface right within the game. FTX US has also partnered with Solana Ventures and Lightspeed Venture in a $100 million deal focused on helping out startups working on blockchain gaming.

Trevor Holman

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