Crypto Firm Morpheus Labs Launches SEED for Token Issuance

Hailed as one of the most prominent names in the blockchain space, Morpheus Labs has announced the launch of a new facility on Morpheus Labs SEED that will ease the tokenization process for business entities. The platform will allow entities to create and issue decentralized tokens using the tools on the revolutionary SEED interface. The news was circulated in the media via a Twitter post stating:

The Morpheus Labs SEED is a high-tech end-to-end decentralized portal that will help users explore new domains of blockchain solutions. It will help to develop, deploy, test, and operate blockchain products in a user-friendly way. The portal offers many tools and services that can give fruitful results to the enterprises without burdening them with complex technology systems.

The three types of tokens issued by crypto firms include utility tokens, NFT tokens, or security tokens, each satisfying the business requirements of the creator. The issuance of crypto tokens is a tiresome process, which involves a lot of processing knowledge and instructional technicalities. This adds an extra burden on the firms as they find it difficult to start the process and finally issue the products. The new SEED web application will turn the tables for the users as it will help them manage the processes involved in token issuance.

The portal helps to issue utility tokens, NFT tokens, etc. by merely filling a form and completing the necessary details. The feature can help issue an ERC20 token with diverse additional mechanisms, like Pause, Lockup, White, and Black Listing. These add-on benefits can help to satisfy the general needs of a variety of utility token products. In the case of STO, the facility allows open-source security token to issue assets relying on ERC1400 compliance for document management, regulatory control, security token management, and permissions involving forced token transfers, delegation, etc.

The user can modify the Tool either by utilizing the Morpheus Labs SEED (ML SEED) or by seeking help from the Morpheus Labs tech-team to include add-on features. Morpheus Labs SEED helps to create blockchain-powered products economically. The customers can access the ML SEED to copy the source code from the GitHub storage into a workstation to initiate the solution development. The users can open their account free of cost and enjoy seamless access to guides, the case uses, tutorials, etc.

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