Crypto Gold: New Bitcoin rival for Ethereum users forecasted to yield massive $44000 per 1K invested

The Mollars Initial Coin Offering has started off strong for a second week. As global trading markets open today, the $MOLLARS token presale saw a big increase in buys this morning. 

Now, numbers are expected to jump upwards further as a decentralized finance [DeFi] analyst from the Baltimore Post Examiner published a positive prediction for the token. The independent analyst expects the ERC-20 token will reach $10 in value and can net investors $44000 per $1000 invested.

This is a massive ROI yield but modest for the crypto trading world. Nonetheless, it’s enough to change the life of investors financially. A $5000 investment could buy a sizable house in most of the United States’ mid-sized cities.

What is Mollars Token & Why Is It Valuable?

Mollars is a Bitcoin-alternative token for the owners of the nearly 300 million digital wallets on the Ethereum Blockchain. Bitcoin has its own independent Blockchain, but it’s problematic with fees. The OG crypto’s blockchain now has the worst transaction fees in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin vs Mollars, the 2 Key Differences

The $Mollars token, which is in its ICO (initial coin offering) stage, will offer users the same store-of-value opportunity as the $BTC but with 2 key upgrades. The “Bitcoin Killer” is based on the world’s best Blockchain, Ethereum, and it has a lower total token supply [TTS] than Bitcoin. Only 10 million $MOLLARS tokens will be minted ever, compared to Bitcoin’s 21-million TTS.

What is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency & Why are Total Token Supply & Demand Important?

The number of tokens minted is important because it keeps the token’s value deflationary. In layman’s terms, with such a small supply, demand will overrun the amount of tokens available. If demand is maintained, the price [value] of a single token will continue running upward, and people continue buying into the brand for fractions of a whole token. Those fractions of the Mollars token will be called “Molls.”

For the novice, Bitcoin is sold in fractions today as the average person cannot afford the crypto-coin at its current price of ~$45,000. Most traders are buying fractions of a Bitcoin which are referred to as ‘Satoshis.’

Mollars Token

How do Mollars Initial Coin Offerings differentiate from a token on a CEX/DEX?

The Mollars ICO offers users a chance to own a whole token at a discounted price — currently $0.45. This will increase by 5 cents per ICO round. There are 6 rounds total to the entire Initial Coin Offering opportunity with it currently having 25% of the 3rd round already sold. Once the third round has sold out, token prices will increase to $0.50.

The discount ends after the ICO supply of 4 million tokens has been sold. Afterward, the Mollars token will be launched on a public crypto exchange, commonly referred to as a “CEX” or “DEX.” Once launched to the public, the set price for the token will be $0.65, and from there, demand will control the value of the token.

How Will $MOLLARS reach $10 in Value?

The DeFi analyst from BPE did a critical review of the token’s value to the cryptocurrency market and current demand. With last week’s sales averaging slightly over 83,000 per day, they are forecasting $10 to be a safe low-ball estimate and minimum to what the $MOLLARS token will be worth. This will come after the 10-million total supply is sold out.

That is an ROI yield of +2122% and a profit of $43,000 per $1000 invested. The total return will be $44,000, including the initial investment.

If the demand continues after 10 million, prices could skyrocket even further. And it appears the creator of the Mollars token has a well-thought infrastructure to keep demand increasing. If traders review the new crypto project’s white paper, it’s seen that a part of the ICO funding will be paid to professional marketers to increase the brand’s value and visibility. 

Why Marketing is important?

With today’s internet marketing capabilities, targeting the perfect consumer is not hard. If the marketing team Mollars’ creator hired, who’s done an excellent job thus far to see 83k tokens sold daily, continues this level of demand, its price could soar into the thousands of dollars just as Bitcoin did.

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and had little to no marketing. It was doubted at first but grew as skepticism washed in. The initial investors were the biggest gainers, however, receiving yields of up to +20,000,000% on their investments.

Mollars Will See A Faster Growth in Branding Value Than Bitcoin

In a current age where there’s far more trust in cryptocurrency than in 2011, when the $BTC ICO was launched, a crypto brand can grow and flourish much faster. The key to that growth, however, is professional marketing, and Mollars’ creator is brilliant for redirecting a small portion of presale funds into hiring a team of marketers to help grow the demand for a deflationary token.

The fundamental principles of infrastructure for the Mollars’ initial coin offering are very strong. Investors of any round will see great returns. However, the earliest investors will receive the lion’s share of rewards. The later the round of investment, the less a crypto trader will see in profit yields, with estimates of -200% lost per round lost. 

However, the least profitable funding round will be the 6th and it still is likely to generate over +1500% to investors.

The early bird gets the worm, and in this case, the early crypto trader gets the bag.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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