Crypto Lovers Say Bitcoin Will Witness The Bull

After a brief pause or a break in the market, due to the holiday season, experts on the bitcoin are ready again to get back to the market. A small discussion session was conducted on a renowned TV channel, in which a few experts were asked a few critical and crucial questions to get the idea of the market.

When these experts were asked if the worst of 2018/2019’s crypto bear trend is over, Anthony Pompliano said that bitcoin has no more space to fall lower than this. Falling below than its current position is doubtful. Mr. Pompliano founded Morgan Creek Digital Assets. However, a few weeks ago he claimed that there are chances of BTC re-testing it’s $3,150 lows before it could fall even lower.

Pompliano further said that the market is indicating probable inbound of the Bitcoin. However, there is a slight opportunity that Bitcoin along with the rest of the cryptocurrencies will take a u-turn in the direction of a drastic recovery this year. Instead of falling further, the market may start to gain its glory back. It might reach the value of $2,500 and $4,500 in 2019.

Pompliano’s opinions are very much similar to Fred Wilson. Wilson is a crypto lover and a venture capitalist. He also has founded Union Square. He believes that crypto will find a long-term foothold during 2019.

Wilson did not mention a probable point till which cryptocurrencies would fall, but he has said that in a few months to come, he expects the crypto market and Bitcoin to enter the bullish graph and influx the selling pressure and hence giving a chance for crypto to re-test their one-year lows.

Once Bitcoin finds a firm ground to stand on, Wison believes that the crypto market would soon enter it’s another bullish season. Wilson is said to be the motivation behind Union Square Ventures investing in Coinbase and Polychain Capital.

Another expert and crypto lover, who earlier used to work as an institutional investor, recently predicted in his BTC prediction that this market would get its feet during this year. However, he did not comment anything on the prices and timings.

Roxanne Williams

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