Crypto Market Crash: Top Cryptocurrencies Still Making Money!

Leading coins have been experiencing down and have decreased in percentage points in value over the last few weeks due to the escalating geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But do not fear! Here is what you need to know about the volatility of the crypto market.

Beginner investors need to understand the role of the volatility of the crypto market as this is something you might experience from time to time. Crypto Investors learn to manipulate these disparities and still generate a massive profit. Cryptocurrency is a rapidly-growing market which means that it can peak and fall just as easily, and it is important for you should be aware of the factors behind this phenomenon.

Current Scenario of Crypto Market

Increasing inflation and geopolitical conflict have led to stock market disparities, and the crypto market experienced a very similar effect. According to, most top cryptocurrencies have experienced some drops due to the persistent tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Last February, some leading cryptocurrencies went as low as 8%, and others experienced a drop of 26%. 

But the key to buying and selling crypto is timing. Most crypto millionaires agree that the strength of all crypto markets and marketing strategies lies in timing, and it is all about learning how to work with the bigger picture. In just the last 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization rose 1.67% to $1.73 trillion, and the trading volumes went up to 19.56% to $74.23 billion during this period.

Despite these recent consequences of the Ukrainian-Russian war having disturbed the Cryptosphere, this is not a problem for Metaverse as no government or governmental entity can prevent individuals from connecting and socializing. This is one of the benefits of investing in FIREPIN ($FRPN).

Nevertheless, most of these currencies managed to bounce back in no time, and some even hit all-time highs! This demonstrates the long-term confidence in value of the network by miners and a willingness to deploy capital by investors.

Top Money-Making Cryptocurrencies



The Metaverse has brought financial profit to many companies and those in the crypto world. As it enters the Metaverse, FIREPIN ($FRPN) is undoubtedly the new cryptocurrency to invest in. It is a community-driven cryptocurrency. Community tokens strive to be centered on communities and are frequently utilized for memberships that allow access to a community and its benefits. The FIREPIN ($FRPN) community is currently working on building the largest crypto community in the world. This is a major benefit to its investors as it should promote a long-term rapid rise in the FIREPIN ($FRPN) Token’s value.

FIREPIN Token’s ($FRPN) has shown an impressive presale and rose 300% in just two weeks. Crypto experts are confident that $FRPN will go up another 2000% before its official launch. The sale ends in 25 days, and you can still invest!

To ensure profit for its investors, FIREPIN ($FRPN) plans to be supported by decentralized assets and use the Algorithmic Reserve Currency mechanism to guarantee price stability. With a clear goal in mind, it plans to use the treasury money raised from its users to fund NFT game development metaverse VR games; and possibly invest directly in metaverse gaming teams.


The Fantom ($FTM) price is $1,19 US as of today (March 16) and has a circulating supply of 2.5B coins and a total supply of 3.1B coins. Initially launched in 2018, Fantom ($FTM) is a directed acyclic graph smart contract platform that offers decentralized finance services.

The network is a collection of blockchains with new projects built on individual blockchains; these are then combined to the mainnet.

This cryptocurrency strives to solve the concerns associated with smart-contract platforms (i.e., transaction speed, scalability, and avoiding congestion). Fantom ($FTM) peaked at its all-time high of $3.47 in October 2021, and crypto experts are confident it will reach $6 to $7 in the near future.


The price for SANDBOX ($SAND) is $2,93 US as of today (March 16) and comprises a circulating supply of 1.1B coins and a total supply of 3B coins. It has successfully combined the qualities of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) & non-fungible tokens (NFTs); the Sandbox is a blockchain-based decentralized platform for a thriving gaming community. It has crafted a virtual world that allows its users to create, buy and sell digital assets through gaming. Start monetizing your gaming experience and earn money with crypto today.

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