BlockDAG coin miners take the spotlight as Avalanche fuels Memes and Pepe Coin soars 40%: The latest crypto news

Have you ever expected Avalanche (AVAX) to help out memes? Well, that’s happening now, so hold on to discover more. Speaking of memes, why don’t we seize the chance and take a tour with Pepe Coin (PEPE) to discover if it’s really about to go up by 40%? But it’s not a complete tour without BlockDAG (BDAG). The presale is doing great, and there is always something new to share. Let’s delve right into the crypto news.

Avalanche Boosts Memes

The Avalanche Foundation is doing something awesome by supporting memes through Culture Catalyst funding. What’s that? It’s a special program where they buy special meme tokens with Avalanche and make a cool collection.

BlockDAG coin

You may think of it as adding a variety to their investments, but no? This is only one thing. It’s rather a rest of being serious, celebrating meme lovers’ fun and creative spirit. Looks like the Avalanche Foundation wants to be a part of different cultures in the crypto world.

Pepe Coin: Going Up?

Speaking of memes, how is Pepe Coin doing? The funny meme coin has been doing well lately. It’s hanging out on the charts at the lower part of a moving-up line. Do you know that Pepe Coin has increased by almost 191% since October 2023?

It might go up even more, like 40%. That means it could reach a special number, $0.00000191. But first, it has to go past two other numbers, $0.00000141 and $0.00000163; the barriers are everywhere along the way. Can it break, though? No one knows now, but Pepe Coin might keep going up if yes. The charts say it’s a good time; it usually is when the line (the 50-SMA) is above the other (the 100-SMA), and that’s happening now, which means good things for the price.

BlockDAG Coin’s Presale Makes Big Moves

BlockDAG, in turn, is also doing some really big things. The presale has collected $1 million within 24 hours, and that’s just the start. They focus on raising $600 million in 2024 with plans for the next six months.

BlockDAG has a special way of doing things with its coins. There are 50 billion of them, and they’ve set aside 70% for the community. That means they care about the community participating in the BlockDAG ecosystem. Recently, they unleashed three crypto mining rigs, BlockDAG X10, BlockDAG X30, and BlockDAG X100, in addition to the crypto mining app BlockDAG X1. These miners run at different powers and consume different amounts of energy; subsequently, they give different profits, making them fit anyone’s needs.

Crypto Peaks Ahead

The crypto news every day hints that something critical will happen. This may not be related to Avalanche’s program and Pepe Coin’s possible rise; they may just be the prelude. And the BlockDAG presale is still ongoing, so who knows what is hiding for us shortly. Here’s the deal: Explore, try new things, and follow the flow. This way, you embrace the future of crypto. Otherwise, you don’t. Get ready for some fun, grab the chances, and think carefully about which crypto to buy.

BlockDAG coin

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