Crypto news: Wif price surges 19% but this new Solana coin presale breaks records

Even though the last 24 hours were slow for Dogwifhat, the token had an overall amazing week with a nearly 20% value increase.

It even outperformed trending tokens like BONK and is currently highlighted as one of Solana’s top meme coins on the blockchain.

However, there’s a new Solana meme that’s breaking records with its presale – Slothana ($SLOTH).

With over $7.5 M raised in record time, Slothana could easily be the next 100x meme coin in the market once it hits listing. 

Let’s check out the details.

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Dogwifhat price surges nearly 20% – But can it match the gains that $SLOTH is bringing?

Dogwifhat coin has been making some serious moves, even outperforming its rival BONK in the latest price rally.

The catalyst for Dogwifhat’s surge came at the end of February when it was trading around $0.30. Since then, it’s been an upward trajectory, with the price skyrocketing an incredible 2600%.

And while the price did see some recent drops, it’s still up by 20% in the last week alone.

Dogwifhat price Chart

Dogwifhat hit the scene in November 2023 and quickly gained traction, establishing itself as one of the most popular meme coins on the SOL blockchain.

While some traders might question the long-term viability of meme coins, Dogwifhat’s success demonstrates the power of a dedicated community and clever marketing.

It’ll be interesting to see if Dogwifhat can maintain its momentum or if another dog-themed token will challenge its dominance in the Solana ecosystem.

Right now, it seems that the latter will happen with Slothana ($SLOTH) hitting some big milestones in its presale.

Below, we’ll see what the hype around $SLOTH is about.

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Slothana ($SLOTH) builds a place for those tired of the 9-5 work concept through an innovative meme project on the SOL Blockchain – 100x after listing?

Slothana ($SLOTH) is a fresh face in the meme coin market and it’s causing a stir on the Solana blockchain.

This meme token has captured investors’ attention with a quirky concept – an “office sloth” who’s ready to ditch the 9-to-5 grind for the thrills of crypto trading. The idea resonated, and Slothana’s presale went viral shortly after launch.

Crypto enthusiasts are sharing rumors that Slothana might be from the same minds behind Smog ($SMOG). If true, it’s no surprise – Smog saw a massive 30x rally for many early investors post-listing.

Slothana also pays homage to the laid-back sloth, taking inspiration from the wildly popular $SLERF project, another Solana-based sensation. Slerf generated serious hype after a developer mishap in March, leading to some staggering daily gains recently.

While Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard was once the go-to for meme coin launches, Solana is now carving out its own niche in this space. Solana-based projects have been delivering solid returns during market upswings lately and $SLOTH could easily be the next one.

In the meme coin space where hype and community engagement are key drivers, Slothana’s interesting concept and potential connections to successful projects like Smog have positioned it as one to watch.

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$SLOTH presale raises over $7M in record time as investors talk about the unique token purchase concept

Just days after its launch, Slothana has already raised an impressive $7.5 million, solidifying its status as Solana’s newest craze.

What sets Slothana apart is its straightforward presale approach.

Unlike many projects with tiered or staged presales, Slothana’s team has opted for a more direct method. Investors can simply send SOL tokens to a designated wallet address and receive SLOTH tokens at a fixed rate of 10,000 SLOTH per SOL contributed.

SLOTH presale

For those preferring a more user-friendly experience, the website features a buy widget compatible with Solana wallets.

The incredible early fundraising amount has fueled speculation among early backers that Slothana could be the next big thing, potentially replicating the success of projects like Book of Meme, where tiny investments turned into life-changing gains.

Additionally, Slothana seems to have timed its launch perfectly. With highly anticipated events like “Doge Day” just around the corner, the project appears to have tapped into the perfect storm of hype and speculation surrounding meme coins.

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The bottom line

Dogwifhat is still going strong in the crypto market with the last week bringing nearly 20% gains even during a market downturn.

But for many industry analysts, there’s a new Solana-based meme coin that will explode and bring bigger profits in the upcoming weeks – Slothana ($SLOTH).

Slothana brings an innovative presale concept, strong community backing, and a team of experts, making it a prime contender for the next 100x token in the making.

Right now, you can get $SLOTH for a fraction of what it will be worth after listing!

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