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Crypto RPG ‘Guild of Guardians’ hits mobile platforms with $1M jackpot

Crypto game 'Guild of Guardians' launching on Apple and Android devices with $1 million in prizes

‘Guild of Guardians’, a highly anticipated crypto game, will launch on both Apple and Android devices, marking a groundbreaking development for the intersection of Blockchain technology and gaming. With the allure of a staggering $1 million prize pool, this launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Blockchain-based gaming. It underscores the growing mainstream appeal of cryptocurrency-driven experiences.

‘Guild of Guardians’ has the potential to significantly impact the mobile gaming industry through its integration of Blockchain technology’s ownership and transparency features with the immersive gameplay of traditional role-playing games (RPGs). Players assume the role of guardians, tasked with battling enemies, completing quests, and forming alliances within a vibrant fantasy world.

Immutable Games’s Chief Studio Officer Justin Hulog expressed his excitement and said ‘Guild of Guardians’ is now available to millions of players around the globe. He expressed his delight at the news. Years of development and community building have culminated in this launch. ‘Guild of Guardians’ is a player-driven game that grants them complete control over ownership, a rare and noteworthy accomplishment for any web3 game, but particularly one designed for mobile devices.

What sets ‘Guild of Guardians’ apart is its integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets that represent ownership of in-game items and characters. Players have the ability to truly own their in-game assets by leveraging NFTs, buying, selling, and trading them on decentralized marketplaces.

The $1 million prize pool adds an extra layer of excitement to the game’s launch, offering players the opportunity to compete for substantial rewards based on their performance and achievements within the game. This unprecedented prize pool not only incentivizes engagement but also highlights the potential for Blockchain-based games to revolutionize the gaming industry’s monetization model.

According to Derek Lau, CEO of ‘Guild of Guardians’, it is a delight to introduce players to a new era of gaming in which genuine ownership and significant rewards are prioritized. The platform welcomes participants from all over the world to this epic journey, as the prize pool is the largest of its kind in a cryptocurrency game, he added.

The decision to launch ‘Guild of Guardians’ on both Apple and Android devices reflects the game’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that players across different platforms can participate in the crypto-gaming revolution. This move also signifies a growing acceptance of Blockchain-based games by mainstream app stores, further legitimizing the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency.

As the popularity of Blockchain-based gaming continues to soar, fueled by the success of titles like “Axie Infinity” and “Decentraland”, ‘Guild of Guardians’ stands poised to carve out its own niche in the burgeoning market. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, immersive world-building, and lucrative prize pool, the game represents a compelling proposition for both seasoned gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Chris Clay, vice president of game design at Immutable Games, stated that the previous fifteen months have been spent frantically constructing the groundwork for a universe and game that we have only recently commenced. Clay previously made contributions to the critically acclaimed “Magic: The Gathering” series.

Immutable Games is a very renowned Web3 game studio. It raised $200 million in 2022, and investors such as Tencent and Animoca Brands have supported it. The open-world shooter “MetalCore” from Studio 369 debuted on the Immutable zkEVM Blockchain last month. 

The launch of ‘Guild of Guardians’ on mobile devices heralds a new chapter in the evolution of gaming, one where Blockchain technology enables unprecedented levels of player ownership, engagement, and reward. ‘Guild of Guardians’ is ready to spearhead the evolution of the crypto gaming landscape, ushering in a future where gamers transcend beyond more players to become true digital pioneers.

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