Best Crypto Charting Software and Tools in 2024

In 2024, selecting crypto charting software is crucial to success in cryptocurrency trading. Our guide to the best crypto charting software streamlines and enhances your trading experience, prioritizing ease and profitability. If you’re keen on exploring cutting-edge crypto charting platforms, this guide is for you.

We have researched extensively and compiled a comprehensive list of trustworthy best charts for crypto; considering factors like functionalities, user-intuitive design, cost-effectiveness, compatibility with multiple trading platforms, round-the-clock accessibility, trial opportunities, and top-notch client service, the evaluation process becomes comprehensive and well-informed. Rest assured, these apps have all free crypto charts with indicators to cover you in 2024.

Currently Best Crypto Charting Software Available

Charting Software Supported Exchanges Plan/Pricing Supported Platforms
TradingView 51 Basic: Free
Paid: $14.95 onwards
iOS and Android
CryptoView 16 Basic: Free
Paid: $13 onwards
Cloud, Windows, iOS and Android
GoCharting 6 Basic: Free

Paid: From $18.04 /1500 INR onwards

iOS and Android
Tuleep 5 Free Web
Koyfin N/A Basic: Free

Paid: $49 onwards

Web N/A Free iOS and Android


TradingView crypto charts interface

TradingView Features
TradingView is the best cryptocurrency charting software in our list and offers numerous indicators for investors. It provides live crypto charts and price monitoring across multiple markets. While free accounts are limited to technical analysis indicators per chart, the premium plan unlocks advanced features for a more comprehensive trading experience.

Country: London, England, United Kingdom


  • A wide range of charting software for crypto and trading strategy
  • A wide range of global modern and traditional markets and crypto assets
  • A fully functional chart app for all desktop and mobile devices
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • A wide library of technical analysis indicators


  • Limited forex and crypto brokerage support
  • Unsatisfactory support service compared to crypto industry standards


CryptoView homepage interface

CryptoView Features
CryptoView stands out as the best cryptocurrency charting software, offering a user-friendly trading and chart analysis online platform. Its advanced cryptocurrency portfolio manager and multi-exchange-free tools make it accessible for all users, regardless of their experience level.

The multi-charting interface enables real-time trading, featuring multiple free crypto charts with indicators, notifications, premium security measures, advanced order options, and drawing tools. Users can seamlessly navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape, leveraging various features to enhance their trading experience.

Country: Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria


  • Versatile options for configuring multiple charting screens.
  • Accessible software on mobile devices for on-the-go convenience.
  • User-friendly charting interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Offers a comprehensive crypto portfolio management tool.
  • Incorporates overlays and indicators to enhance the functionality of best free crypto charts.


  • A limited number of supported cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Presents fewer distinctive features when compared to industry competitors.
  • The pace of development progress appears to be slower.


GoCharting homepage interface

GoCharting Features
GoCharting excels as a versatile best crypto charting software and traditional markets. With premium features for forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, it offers a powerful charting tool for diverse trading needs. The platform provides educational resources for beginners, facilitating crypto chart reading and access to live data. It supports trading across multiple exchanges and features the Options Desk, empowering traders to execute, build, and test strategies efficiently.

Country: Hollerich, Luxembourg


  • Advanced crypto technical analysis software with free crypto charts with indicators and technical analysis studies
  • Options trading with ready-to-deploy trading strategies
  • Multi-broker integration executes fast trades from the GoCharting terminal.
  • Multi-asset charting functionality for a comprehensive market view.
  • Educational resources through an Academy for continuous learning.
  • Paper trading feature for testing and refining trading strategies.


  • Slow execution compared to other charting Mac software
  • Heat Map cannot be ordered in layers
  • Some premium add-ons may involve additional payment.
  • Primarily centered around the US and Indian markets.


Tuleep trade charting interface

Tuleep Features
Tuleep, a free charting tool, excels in portfolio management and trade execution across multiple exchanges. Users can access free crypto chart plans. It focuses on providing the best live crypto charts and news to facilitate efficient and direct trading on crypto-centralized exchanges, ensuring swift order execution.

Notably, Tuleep minimizes downtime and enhances performance, particularly during market volatility. This emphasis on reliability positions, Tuleep as a valuable tool for traders navigating the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

Country: N/A


  • Beginner-friendly trading and charting interface
  • Shows various cryptocurrency charts in one view
  • Supports a wide variety of trade orders for direct crypto trading
  • Connects with the most crypto exchanges
  • Free to use


  • No tools for charting analysis


Koyfin charts interface

Koyfin Features
Koyfin stands out as a leading charting app, offering a free terminal as a cost-effective alternative to pricier options. Its versatility extends across various asset classes, encompassing bonds, mutual funds, forex, stocks, crypto, and ETFs.

Traders leveraging Koyfin benefit from a robust platform equipped with technical analysis tools, transforming data into actionable market insights. The advanced features include price charts, data visualization tools, technical analysis capabilities, drawing tools, data dashboards, market sector overviews, watchlists, and advanced graphing.

Koyfin’s support for over 100 technical and fundamental indicators further enhances its appeal, enabling crypto investors to annotate, highlight trends, and receive price alerts. With Koyfin, users acquire a comprehensive suite of tools, positioning it as an invaluable resource for those seeking in-depth analysis and insights across a diverse range of financial instruments.

Country: New York, United States


  • Offers both free and paid plans
  • Combines both fundamental and technical data and charts
  • Customizable dashboard, focusing on the right data
  • Offers a Koyfin Academy to help novice traders learn about trading and investments
  • Advanced trading tools and live market updates


  • Not beginner-friendly interface
  • Limited fundamental and technical analysis tools
  • Lacks intraday charts charts interface Features is a comprehensive financial platform that tracks various instruments such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, and stocks. Recognized as the best free charting software, It offers access to a broad range of technical tools, free cryptocurrency charts, and advanced analytical features for in-depth evaluation of crypto assets.

In addition to its charting capabilities, enriches the user experience by maintaining an informative blog. This blog is a valuable resource, providing insightful articles and daily publications. These resources are designed to empower crypto traders, keeping them well-informed and equipped to make successful trades on the platform.’s commitment to charting excellence and providing relevant market insights solidifies its position as a go-to platform for financial enthusiasts and crypto traders.

Country: Tel Aviv, Israel


  • Free access to actual data, charts, and quotes
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners
  • Personalized watchlist to track preferred financial instruments and stay updated on investments
  • Offers up-to-date analysis and news on individual instruments and financial markets
  • Offers a community section, allowing traders to engage with others and share ideas


  • Lacks important trading capabilities and functions
  • Inaccuracy and delays in crypto chart patterns
  • Lots of advertisements distract traders

Key Features to Look for in Crypto Charting Software

Here are a few features offered by the best crypto charting software –

Customizable Overlays and Chart Types – The cryptocurrency charting software offers different visualization tools for users to explore different chart types and identify hidden volume bars and patterns to gauge crypto market sentiment. The software also has multiple overlay indicators like MACD (moving average convergence divergence), moving averages, and Bollinger Bands to help us understand price interactions using technical signals. Hence, it is essential to select the right crypto tools that offer customizable charting overlays to trade cryptocurrencies depending on the traders’ objectives and trading style.

Advanced Annotations and Drawing Tools – Charts are more than simple data visualization tools if users can actively interact with them. Crypto charting software provides strong drawing tools to identify channels and trend lines, use Fibonacci retracement, and mark support or resistance levels. Additionally, text annotations can be added to highlight key observations and events and create a personalized roadmap for analysis.

Strategy Optimization and Backtesting – Crypto charting software empowers users to evaluate and refine their trading strategies using past data. With the help of crypto software, users can check how their past market conditions and trading strategies have performed by analyzing the outcomes, optimizing their approach, and adjusting the parameters before risking real money capital.

Mobile Accessibility – Crypto charting software offers dedicated mobile apps that mirror every function that users enjoy on their desktops or other devices. These mobile-friendly applications allow users to adjust positions, monitor their charts, and stay up-to-date about every market movement, irrespective of location. The cloud synchronization feature also ensures settings, annotations, and charts are seamlessly accessed from different devices, guaranteeing a personalized and consistent trading experience.

Seamless Integration – The best crypto charting software offers seamless integration with news feeds, fundamental analysis tools, and other platforms. The holistic approach allows users to create a unified trading and analysis atmosphere that boosts their efficiency and makes better trading decisions.

Dynamic Alerts and Notifications – Crypto charting software provides personalized alerts and notifications that keep every user informed about the market conditions, even when they are away from their devices or screens. With this feature, users can rest assured that they never miss any critical trading opportunity and get every notification via text, email, or direct message in the software. This feature allows users to react swiftly and make decisions depending on the constantly changing crypto market dynamics.

Now, We have selected 3 free charting software, which anybody can use them to gets crypto charts for the any specific cryptocurrency. All are mentioned below:

3 Best Free Crypto Charting Software

Best 3 Free Crypto Charting Software Currently in 2024

  1. TradingView
  2. CryptoView
  3. GoCharting

TradingView: A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Charting App

  • TradingView is free charting software in the crypto market, offering popular tools for charting crypto for all types of crypto traders.
  • Traders are open to having both free and pro accounts and can access real-time market data that is entirely customizable, allowing both free users to save it for later.
  • Experienced traders can share trading ideas and educate others on the platform, share scripts to develop customized technical indicators, learn crypto charts, and watch live streaming by professional traders and investors.

CryptoView: Multi-Exchange’s Cryptocurrency Charting App

  • CryptoView is a free charting tool that allows users to exchange and strategize different trades and currencies on a single platform.
  • It uses crypto charts from TradingView and offers multi-screens, an events calendar, a news aggregator, and in-browser, SMS, or email alerts.
  • CryptoView’s security uses SSL encryption, DoS protection, API encryption, and cloud architecture, providing enterprise-level security measures to all registered users.
  • After a 30-day free trial period, CryptoView charges a monthly subscription fee that covers a wide range of salient features of charting crypto, including 75 drawing crypto tools and over 85 technical indicators.

GoCharting: Multi-Asset Cryptocurrency Charting App

  • GoCharting is a multi-asset crypto charting software and trading platform offering powerful technical analysis and charting tools for all traders.
  • GoCharting has a professional trading suite with 300+ technical studies and 150+ indicators for trading confidently without limitations.
  • Traders can get real-time market insights with order flow charts and follow their smart portfolios using cluster charts, powerful footprint charts, and imbalance charts.
  • Volume profile and Market profile tools can be used in real-time to map demand and supply zones and trade the crypto market professionally.
  • Traders can use powerful analytical tools and paper trading features to practice crypto trading with digital money.

How Can You Choose the Best Charting Software for Cryptocurrency?

Choosing the best charting software for cryptocurrency is essential for a successful crypto trading experience. Every crypto charting software has different features, costs, ease of use, compatibility with other exchanges and tools, free trials, online accessibility, and availability of free trials. This makes choosing the best option from the market a difficult task for traders.

Here is how you can choose the best charting software for crypto trading based on the different factors mentioned below:–

Usability – Traders must prioritize crypto charting software that offers a user-friendly and seamless trading experience with an intuitive interface to access data quickly.

Unique Functions – Choose tools that feature drawing capabilities, technical analysis indicators, fundamental analysis tools, backtesting functionalities, candlestick charts, real-time market data, and price alerts, catering to both beginners and experienced crypto traders.

Customer Support Availability – Choose crypto charting software that provides helpful and trustworthy customer support. Since the crypto market is still new to many users, and these tools deal with sensitive financial data, the chosen software must have efficient and responsible support agents who can address client queries promptly.

Reasonable Pricing – While the pricing structure may vary significantly from one charting platform to another, users must choose tools that come with a free trial that allows them to familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and functions before opting for paid accounts.

All in all, depending on the traders’ trading style, needs, and preferences, the best crypto charting tools can be chosen to analyze price fluctuations, make informed decisions, and monitor portfolio performance efficiently.


We are concluding here, that various charting applications are available in free and paid plans. The good choice for traders depends on their needs and preferences. Each tool for cryptocurrencies mentioned above is equipped with advanced features and data feeds from multiple exchanges to scour the financial markets and find the best opportunities for you.

However, note that these patterns or trends provided by charting software and tools are not predictions and do not guarantee any specified outcome. Experienced traders must, therefore, make informed decisions by looking at historical charting patterns and data and not solely base their trading decisions on these tools.

Some Doubts in your Mind (FAQ’s)

What is the best tool to chart crypto?

TradingView stands out as the premier tool for creating cryptocurrency charts. Other noteworthy alternatives in the market include CryptoView, Cryptowatch, and GoCharting.

How To Read Crypto Charts?

Reading crypto charts involves understanding price movements and chart patterns. It requires analyzing indicators like candlesticks, trend lines, and trading volumes.

Do charts matter for crypto?

Certainly! Successful cryptocurrency traders leverage diverse crypto charts and tools to formulate well-informed trading strategies.

Can I use free charting software effectively?

Certainly! Traders can effectively utilize charting software through user-friendly trading platforms, incorporating a free technical analysis charting tool that provides clear buying and selling signals.

How do I choose the right charting tool?

Amidst the many crypto chart tools available, traders should make selections based on user-friendliness, unique features, round-the-clock customer support, reasonable pricing, and free trial subscription plans.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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