ATPBot Review 2024: Is It a Legit Bot For You?

About ATPBot

Automated Transaction Processing Bot, or ATPBot, is one of today’s most widely used bots in cryptocurrency transactions. ATPBot, a cryptocurrency asset management company, offers advanced machine-learning models and quantitative trading strategies.

ATPBot functions differently from other trading bots that follow predetermined guidelines or trading signals. Instead, it’s an artificial intelligence tool that generates human-like responses and computes complex strategies like technical analysis, social network sentiment analysis, fundamental analysis, and others with data-driven methods.

This ATPBot review will serve as a guide if you are a non-technical person looking to enter this field without difficulty.

ATPBot Summary

Official Website
Established 2021
Available Payment Options N/A
Cloud-Based Yes
Supported Exchanges Binance (Bitget and Bybit will come soon)
Mobile Support Yes
Plans and Pricing Basic – $999/Yr
Advanced – $2,999/Yr
Pro – $9,999/Yr
VIP – $29,999/Yr
Free Trial Yes, it offers a monthly trial
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program No
Customer Support Yes, via Email, Live Chat, and Help Center Support

ATPBot User Interface

Is ATPBot a Legit Platform?

Yes, ATPBot is a legitimate platform that offers automated trading strategies for individuals looking to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform connects with other top crypto exchanges to provide users with tools and resources to help them become successful traders, such as backtesting strategies using historical data and creating custom indicators and strategies.

Users can connect their crypto wallets to this tool and continue digital currency trading with quantitative artificial intelligence analysis. Their professional support team, on hand 24/7 via social media or email, can resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. As the development of this product continues, there are sure to be additional features added to improve the user experience further.

Why Choose ATPBot?

Easy to Use

ATPBot’s interface design simplifies complex automation tasks, allowing you to focus on value-adding activities. Its drag-and-drop interface allows users of all technical levels to access its features quickly. With ATPBot’s no-code development systems, you can build powerful bots with minimal effort, even if you don’t have any coding experience.

Using ATPBot, your organization can automate manual and tedious tasks such as data entry, web scraping, or integration of systems with third-party tools like Zendesk or Salesforce, among others, quickly and efficiently.

No Experience Required

ATPBot is the perfect beginner platform, with an easy setup and a user-friendly graphical interface. Even if you have not gained any coding experience, the advanced tools guide users on how to customize the Bot’s features and performance outcomes.

Unique and Professional

Its custom-built platforms promise a reliable, secure, flexible, and affordable solution tailored to your business’s needs. They use the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics to provide innovative trading strategies and solutions that users can customize according to each unique requirement.

Why Choose ATPBot?

Secure and Transparency

ATPBot is committed to providing users with a secure and transparent platform that offers numerous services beyond crypto trading. ATPBot takes security very seriously, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as cold storage, two-factor authentication, and regular cybersecurity audits to keep your assets safe.

Save Time and Avoid Emotional Trading

ATPBot lets you quickly and easily customize your website without fumbling around with complicated code. You won’t need a web developer or designer, meaning you can get started faster on projects and complete them more efficiently.

With the help of various data sources, this intelligent crypto trading bot platform also conducts social network sentiment analysis. Moreover, developing a website without an expert’s assistance can reduce stress and save time since there’s no waiting involved in choosing fonts and images or setting up your site structure.

One-on-one Service

Atpbot’s team consists of strategy modeling experts who provide advanced machine-learning models with collective intelligence for the expansion and success of the business.

When any clarification is required, or questions arise about which optimization tactics can work for your business model, the team will be available for one-on-one interactions. They believe in supporting their partners throughout the process, so they always feel encouraged and informed no matter what recommendations exist from them or competitors in the same space!

How Does ATPBot Work?

Connect Your Exchange

For quick and reliable quantitative trading solutions, set up rules depending on the market circumstances you are most comfortable with. Even if your computer or mobile device is down, ATPBot operates every second and performs trades via an API connection, remaining connected around the clock. Every deal is watched, recorded, and tracked so the trading bot can examine it over time to optimize performance.

How ATPBot Works?

Step 1: Generate A New API Key

Go to API Management, and create an API key on Binance with the following limitations:

    • Turn on spot and margin trading
    • Limit To Only Trusted IPs

Step 2: Complete The Fields Provided

For this, you need your:

  • Exchange
  • API Key
  • API Secret
  • Account Name

Complete The Fields Provided at ATPBot

Step 3: Pick the Strategy You Want to Run and Decide the Investment Amount

ATPBot will continually execute the plan and distribute funds on the results of its algorithm. The program will analyze market data for indications that can inform investing choices and guarantee the profitability of your portfolio. Additionally, based on risk and return possibilities, you must choose the trading pair or pairings from various currencies that best meet your demands.

ATP bot has a simple and user-friendly dashboard containing categories. Go to the strategy center to find the following:


You can find the newest and most profitable trading strategies developed and selected by skilled AI Algorithm Teams, Strategy Modelling Experts, And calculated by the ATPBot Supercomputer. They will update the list every Monday at 0:00 UTC. Various strategies are presented depending on the membership level.

Analysts’ Recommendations

These chosen strategies, in conjunction with the most recent market trends and features, are advised by senior strategy analysts from ATPBot.


You can add alternative strategies by going to the marketplace or analysts’ recommendations. Users can use these strategies after adding the alternatives. The number of other approaches is dependent on membership level.


It is where you can find all your current running strategies and servers.


It is where you have all your past activities with Name, Type, Pairs, Investment, Profit Rate, and Created.

Gain Revenue

Your organization will be more productive thanks to ATPBot since it will free you up to work on higher-value activities while the system handles tedious bookkeeping and other jobs. ATPBot simplifies processes for better financial control over your business operations because of its extensive capabilities, which include automated bank reconciliations, multi-currency payments processing, and accounts receivable tracking.

ATPBot Revenue Overview

ATPBot Review: Pros and Cons

ATPBot Pros

  • Easy to Use: One-click to run strategy without any settings
  • Round-the-Clock Trading: ATPBot operates 24/7, allowing continuous trading even when the user is unavailable or sleeping, taking advantage of global market opportunities.
  • Emotion-Free Trading: ATPBot eliminates emotional biases and impulsive decision-making often associated with human traders, ensuring disciplined and consistent trading based on predefined parameters.
  • Diversification: ATPBot can simultaneously monitor and execute trades across multiple cryptocurrencies or financial instruments, enabling diversification of investment strategies and spreading the risk.
  • Backtesting and Optimization: All ATPBot strategies are historically validated and optimized, helping to improve and enhance the bot’s performance over time.
  • Efficient Trading: ATPBot utilizes automation and an advanced AI algorithm model to execute profitable trades quickly and efficiently.

ATPBot Cons

  • Technical Dependency: As a software-based trading bot, ATPBot relies on stable internet connectivity and technical infrastructure. Therefore, as with all bot platforms, network outages are possible.
  • Connected Exchanges: Only Binance exchange is currently supported, and Bybit and Bitget will come soon.
  • Preset Parameters: Policy parameter presets cannot be adjusted manually.
  • Subscriptions: Only annual subscriptions are supported.

Services Offered by ATPBot

Compared to other top crypto trading bots available on the market, ATPBot has certain benefits. ATPBot uses fully proven and confirmed trading techniques, unlike many other trading bot systems that only rely on the trader’s predefined settings.

ATPBot has perfected its tactics through the in-depth market and historical data research to reduce risk and losses while maximizing earnings. Unlike other trading bots, which have no control over the trading process and frequently result in traders losing money, this one does.

Users no longer need to spend many hours manually testing various settings or become proficient in charting and indicator operations thanks to ATPBot. Users of ATPBot may rely on a trustworthy and experienced trading bot to expertly handle their money for a smooth and successful trading experience.

Services Offered by ATPBot

ATPBot Plans & Pricing

Bring modern quantitative finance into full force! Say goodbye to conventional investing strategies and welcome a more sophisticated one. ATPBot systems offer various benefits, such as robust statistical foundations and unparalleled adaptability, with ATPBot’s cutting-edge combination of statistical and quantitative methods and the latest advances in machine learning research.

Every plan has a different rating, membership fee, strategy, and benefits offered. The AI Algorithm Strategy Recommendation is provided to all the plans, whereas access to Quant Researchers and Sample Trading Strategies is only available for the VIP Plan. The pricing plans are explained in detail in the following table:

Annual Membership Fee $999/Yr $2,999/Yr $9,999/Yr $29,999/Yr
Maximum Investment Amount $10,000 $30,000 $100,000 $300,000
Maximum Number Of Strategies That Can Be Run 1 3 5 10
Intelligent Investment Strategy Rating 7 Stars 8 Stars 9 Stars 10 Stars
AI Recommended Strategy Count (Weekly) 3 6 9 18
AI Algorithm Strategy Recommendation cnz-table cnz-table cnz-table cnz-table
One-On-One Service From Customer Service Manager cnz-table cnz-table cnz-table
Strategies Recommendation From Senior Financial Experts cnz-table cnz-table
Access To Quant Researchers cnz-table
Sample Trading Strategies cnz-table

ATPBot Customer Support

ATPBot customer support is committed to providing its customers with the best support possible. ATP Bot team of experts is available 24/7 to answer any questions or help resolve any issues you may be having.

Users can choose the live chat function and email support or connect with them over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. However, they also have a help center support for their customers so that they can solve their problems easily.

They take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and strive to ensure your experience with us meets or exceeds your expectations every time. Every ATPBot customer support team member has a wealth of knowledge in troubleshooting and resolving various technical issues, so no problem is too complicated for them to solve any query.

ATPBot Live Chat Support

ATPBot Review: Conclusion

The core of the ATPBot platform is that all trading bots have undergone historical backtesting and achieved excellent returns. It allows users to access all strategy backtest data, the most detailed data among all trading bot platforms.

With the help of this ATPBot Review, users can now execute orders on multiple exchanges within seconds and enjoy features like price alert notifications, market analysis reports, an automated portfolio management system, and more.


Is ATPBot Safe?

Absolutely! ATPBot is the most secure cryptocurrency bot platform on the financial market. It employs various key steps to protect its customers, such as encrypted API security keys, a 2FA system, and SSL encryption. So you can trust ATPBot to be a safe and secure platform.

How Does ATPBot Guarantee the Quality and Reliability of Its Strategies?

ATPBot guarantees the quality and reliability of its trading strategies through a team of professionals, rigorous testing, risk control, real-time monitoring, and transparency. Each strategy produced by ATPBot is selected from billions of data sets, and a thorough process of strategy modeling, mathematical analysis, fit validation, and operational verification ensures that each strategy is of high quality and reliability.

Is ATPBot a Beginner-friendly Platform?

Yes, ATPBot aims to be a beginner-friendly platform that anyone can use. All trading bot strategies have preset parameters, no need for any settings, and a one-click bot operation. Boasting an intuitive and straightforward user interface, many tutorials and helpful tips exist. Additionally, ATPBot’s team of customer service representatives is on hand to help answer any questions you may have. So don’t worry; even if you’re a beginner, ATPBot has you covered!

Can I Terminate My Investments and Strategies at Any Time?

Yes, you can terminate your investments and strategies at any time. ATPBot offers a flexible exit mechanism that allows you to pause or terminate your strategies anytime. ATPBot provides a flexible and advanced strategic management solution.

Do I Need to Transfer Funds Outside of My Exchange Account?

No, funds do not need to be transferred anywhere for any reason, and ATPBot staff will not ask you to make any transfers or payments of invested funds. ATPBot’s trading privileges also do not accept any withdrawal rights limits.

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