b-cube.ai Review 2024: Must Try AI-based Trading Bot!

b-cube.ai empowers crypto traders to win in market conditions by providing an institutional-grade AI-driven platform. b-cube.ai platform currently offers custom-built trading strategies developed by the b-cube.ai team & also the experts to rent their trading strategies on the platform. In addition to the mentioned services, b-cube.ai also provides “Sentiment analysis indicators” & “Technical analysis screener” to help make informed decisions for professional traders. However, read our b-cube.ai review further, as here we will discuss the platform’s features, use cases, pricing, BCUBE token, affiliate program, security measures, and customer support.

b-cube.ai Summary

Official Website https://b-cube.ai/
Established 2020
Available Payment Options Credit/debit cards, Bank transfers, PayPal, and other online payment systems
Cloud-Based Yes
Supported Exchanges Binance, Huobi, Bitget, & Bitmex
Mobile Support Yes
Plans and Pricing Freemium (€0/mo), Basic (€19/mo, Basic + (€49/mo)), Premium (€99/mo), Premium + (€149/mo)
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program No, but coming in Q2 2024
Affiliate Program Yes (Powered by Refersion)
Customer Support Yes

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Very soon, they will offer “Build your own AI Bot” for those with or without any coding experience to define their trading strategies & automatically adapt their strategies to changing market conditions using b-cube.ai’s patentable AI technology. b-cube.ai has become a popular crypto trading platform with over 21,000 registered users and over 1200 token holders with a daily trade volume of $500 million.

b-cube.ai is currently under regulations with the French regulator, AMF, to register themselves as a “Digital Asset Service Provider” (DASP). Once registered, they can provide Brokerage, Market Making & Custodian services to Corporates & Institutions!

b-cube.ai User Interface

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Is b-cube.ai Legit & Secure to Use?

b-cube.ai is operated by Acintya Global Holdings SAS, a well-known company incorporated in France and having “Young Innovative Status” (JEI) by the Ministry of Higher Education & Research. and Development of France. This is an official endorsement from the Government of France that b-cube.ai is an R&D project!

All the services of b-cube.ai are totally non-custodial, which means they do not hold your funds, and all the funds of the clients will remain in their own exchange accounts. b-cube.ai will have permission only to buy and sell on behalf of clients.

The services offered by b-cube.ai is cloud-based, and all the API keys are encrypted end-to-end. They use the most secure AWS server, so the platform is highly secure.

The pricing structure, reporting of historical trades, graphs, and presentation of the team members are very transparent and one of the best in the industry. They offer a freemium plan with a maximum limit of $500 with no credit card needed and no other hidden conditions so that users can first test the services before becoming a paying customer.

b-cube.ai respects and acknowledges the privacy of its users and may require their personal information. However, every data is kept as a Data Controller under the regulation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in compliance with the EU regulations.

Features of b-cube.ai


Integrity is an essential quality on which the crypto trading platform is based. The company’s values have strongly adhered to maintain honesty, ethical behavior, and transparency to make AI crypto trading accessible to all.


b-cube.ai is committed to providing its users with advanced trading tools that use the latest AI/ML algorithms to identify trends and patterns in real time. The excellence drives the b-cube.ai team to constantly deliver top-notch crypto products and services to their clients.

Features of b-cube.ai

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Another significant aspect of b-cube.ai is transparency which promotes accountability and open communication with the community members.

Use Cases of b-cube.ai


Crypto traders who choose to open an account with b-cube.ai can get access to a curated range of cryptocurrency trading bots that the industry’s best crypto experts have developed. The bots are carefully designed and tested to perform consistently & profitably in all market conditions. Users can create a free b-cube.ai account not only to familiarize themselves with the platform’s investment features and functionality but also to trade for free up to a trading limit of $500.


b-cube.ai is the first crypto trading platform to allow users to build and optimize their own trading strategies with or without any coding skills that can actually adapt to the current market scenarios.

Our system will constantly change the algorithms based on your definition to make it work in the current market condition rather than the algorithm that was designed to perform in a certain market condition. This will enable the trade bots to win in every situation. Traders can develop a first-class artificial intelligence and machine learning trading bot, which will soon be launched on the b-cube.ai crypto trading platform in a couple of months!


Once the traders have developed and used their trading bots, they can consider renting or reselling them to earn money. With b-cube.ai, traders can monetize their creations by renting them on their marketplace, where other users can simply copy and trade them to earn money.

Use Cases of b-cube.ai

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Why Should You Use b-cube.ai?


With b-cube.ai, users can view all their portfolios across different best cryptocurrency exchanges on a single unified interface. Users can now manage multiple accounts without any limitations.


The b-cube.ai marketplace offers powerful AI-based trading strategies or bots that work round the clock for its users on autopilot mode. The bots use machine learning techniques and advanced quant models to analyze financial market data and seamlessly execute trades based on predetermined strategies.

Sentiment Analysis

b-cube.ai traders can also use different exogenous indicators to know the market trends and patterns. The Sentiment Analysis indicator on the b-cube.ai platform scans multiple social media platforms about the financial market and projects to know how traders think, feel, and trade. Using this feature, users can learn about market sentiment, trading insights, current trends, and patterns in the market.


Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned trader, our web app makes it easy for you to view your account information and access valuable trading and analysis tools. You can trust that your personal and financial information is always safe & protected. The simple trading app has a clean and modern user interface with simple workflows and a personalized experience for all traders.

Trade Tracking

The b-cube.ai app is the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay organized and on top of their trading activities. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can easily track your trade performance, view your account information, and access important market data and analysis. They can also access transaction history, profit and loss history, and transactional insights.

Why Should You Use b-cube.ai?

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Growth Tracking

Monitor the returns of your trading bot and observe the performance of your investments over a period of time using our app. Additionally, you can optimize your investment strategy to achieve better results. The Growth Tracker provides growth insights, history, and customization options to b-cube.ai crypto traders.


b-cube.ai is non-custodial, which means that we do not hold or store your money and assets. Instead, we provide you with the tools and features you need to manage and trade efficiently directly on centralized exchanges. Traders can withdraw their funds, money, or assets whenever they want.


Our company’s vision is to revolutionize the world of crypto investing by utilizing the power of AI technology. We believe that by harnessing the capabilities of AI, we can create a more efficient and profitable investment experience for our clients. Traders can use AI trading bots and machine learning algorithms that are continuously being improved and upgraded to provide a better trading experience to registered traders on the platform.

Steps to Use b-cube.ai

  • Signing Up for Free
    Anyone can visit b-cube.ai and register on the platform to create an account for free. To sign up for a free account, go to the official website and navigate to the Start For Free tab on the left-hand side of the landing page. Users do not need to provide credit card details to start trading with the b-cube.ai free account. Fill in the registration form with a valid email ID, a strong and unique password, and a name, and agree to the platform’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Enter Register to create the free account. After creating an account, users can explore the b-cube.ai Marketplace to look for trading bots.
  • Connect your exchange accounts using your API keys
    Every trader must connect their b-cube.ai account with a crypto exchange account using API keys to start trading. API provides project authorization that users want to associate their information with. Users can link their accounts with supported crypto exchanges – Binance, Bitget, Bitmex, and Huobi.
  • Choose a bot that matches your goals
    Crypto trading involves setting goals and staying on track. Once the trading goals are set, users can choose one of the available bots that match their trading strategies (Swing Futures, BTC Positional, SOL Positional, BABA Bot, and more).

Choosing Preferable Bot at b-cube.ai

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  • Start a subscription, either with Fiat money or BCUBE tokens
    Once the exchange account is connected, users can dive into the advanced trading experience and choose one of the available plans, paid with Fiat currency or BCUBE tokens.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy trading while your bots handle your investments
    After the account has been funded, users can monitor their trading bots and start tracking their returns. They can also adjust their trading strategies as the market conditions evolve.

b-cube.ai Pricing

b-cube.ai offers a transparent platform with competitive monthly fees which varies based on the trading account chosen by the users. There are four categories of accounts, including Freemium, Basic, Basic+, Premium, and Premium+. The pricing structure for both Packs and Staking has been mentioned below so that traders can compare the plans according to their requirements:-

Freemium Basic Basic+ Premium Premium+
Monthly Fees €0/month €19/month €49/month €99/month €149/month
Max Trading Limit €500 €5,000 €50,000 €250,000 Unlimited
TA Screener €5/month €5/month
SAI Indicators €5/month €5/month
Earth (Tier 0) Mercury (Tier 1) Mars
(Tier 2)
Venus (Tier 3) Saturn (Tier 4) Jupiter (Tier 5)
Max trading limit Depends on Pack Depends on Pack Depends on Pack Depends on Pack Depends on Pack Depends on Pack
Required BCUBE tokens for staking Zero 5,000 BCUBE 25,000 BCUBE 50,000 BCUBE 125,000 BCUBE 250,000 BCUBE
Discount on packs for staking $BCUBE token
(Payment in CC)
0% 5% 15% 25% 35% 50%
Discount on packs for payment in $BCUBE tokens 15% 25% 35% 45% 60% 75%
Discount on 3rd party bots for staking $BCUBE
(Payment in CC)
0% 5% 10% 25% 35% 50%
Discount on 3rd party bots for payment in $BCUBE tokens 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 35%
Access to BCUBE Ventures NO Lottery Lottery/ Guaranteed allocation Guaranteed allocation Guaranteed allocation Guaranteed allocation

About BCUBE Token

$BCUBE is the fuel of the b-cube.ai ecosystem that acts as a means of payment to pay for the subscription-based crypto trading bot service. The $BCUBE token can be staked on a decentralized smart contract to get a huge discount on subscription fees. The staking value should be a minimum of $1000, but this is set in $BCUBE and is changed from time to time (on a monthly basis depending on the price movement of the token).

Also, staking a $BCUBE token is mandatory to gain access to advanced products to be launched in April/May 2023 and also to pay for some unique features in the “Build your own AI Bot”. There are many more products in the pipeline which need staking $BCUBE to gain access to those products. The maximum supply is 50 Million tokens, out of which the team has already burned 291338.1 $BCUBE tokens.

Also, the team burns all the tokens that they receive as fees from the sale of products & services.

The token is listed in Uniswap and also on the HotBit exchange!

b-cube.ai Affiliate Program

Refersion, an easy-to-use and famous platform for affiliate campaigns, powers the affiliate program offered by b-cube.ai. Every affiliate can earn commissions depending on the percentage of their sale and the traction they bring to the platform. The commission percentage is 20%, and refersion is an end-to-end performance marketing platform that drives e-commerce growth through affiliate relationships. It has over 60,000 registered partners with affiliate commissions of $366 million, which is a great deal in the crypto trading industry.

b-cube.ai Security Measures

Coming to security measures, the b-cube.ai trading platform uses an advanced encryption secure server to host the website. It ensures an additional layer of security through a two-factor authentication protocol. It complies with industry standards similar to other reliable crypto bots.

Furthermore, the platform also uses API (application programming interface) keys to connect with other crypto exchanges. They also “Restrict access to trusted IPs” only. This protects users from sharing their exchange account credentials with the b-cube.ai platform. API keys allow b-cube.ai users to buy, sell, and trade assets on the designated cryptocurrency platform only for trading purposes. Hence, traders do not have to worry about unauthorized access, transactions, or withdrawals of their funds.

b-cube.ai Customer Support

Customer support is essential for crypto traders as cryptocurrency trading and trading bots are new concepts that may overwhelm new users. An efficient and quick customer service support team is necessary since traders may have different queries regarding crypto trading, deposit and withdrawal limits, investment strategies, staking, etc.

b-cube.ai uses a live chat interface that is available only during business hours. The facility can be accessed from the bottom-left corner of the website by providing a registered name and email ID. If assistance is required beyond these hours, customers can leave their contact information to have someone from b-cube.ai contact them later. Although there is scope for improvement in b-cube.ai customer support, the platform ensures well-behaved customer support agents who treat all customers equally.

b-cube.ai Customer Support

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Traders can also reach out to the support team using their email. Go to the Contact tab on the top menu and provide an email address followed by the query message. To help new traders on the platform, b-cube.ai has a few FAQs covering the most common topics: payment methods, bot settings, portfolio management, subscription plans, and more. Overall, customer support at b-cube.ai is user-friendly and responsive, resolving issues as the earliest.

Our Verdict on b-cube.ai

To summarize this b-cube.ai review, the platform shines with AI-powered trading bots. It provides superior customer support and works closely with its clients to understand their trading goals and needs. b-cube.ai has an excellent team of AI experts that continuously innovate and improve the platform to ensure clients have easy access to advanced tools and analytics. However, it certainly makes an excellent platform for new crypto traders looking for an easy-to-use and intuitive trading bot that is free.

Nevertheless, all traders should remember that the money lost in trading using any products or services of the company is non-refundable, so one should make an informed decision before investing money with b-cube.ai


When You Can See Your Funds in Your b-cube.ai Portfolio?

After API keys have been connected, users can see the funds available in their accounts immediately. Balance of Portfolio shows the available balance when the API is connected. Users cannot see the record that happened before they connected to b-cube.ai.

Can You Cancel Your Subscription Anytime at b-cube.ai?

Yes, users can cancel their subscriptions at any time they want. They must click on the Monogram next to the b-cube.ai marketplace and click settings. They can manage their personal information, subscription, and security. If they have a live subscription, click on Manage to cancel it.

How to Switch Between Bots at b-cube.ai?

Every b-cube.ai plan allows users to use unlimited b-cube.ai bots. This means they can disconnect or pause a trading bot for another or run them all simultaneously.

Which Payment Methods Does b-cube.ai Support?

When writing this review, users can subscribe to the b-cube.ai trading bots using the BCUBE tokens or credit cards.

Can You Trade Manually at b-cube.ai?

Traders who have decided to open manual trades can undoubtedly do so. However, it is essential to note that if they open trades and their margin is below the minimum, the trading bot may not open the businesses it wants once a new signal is generated. It is highly recommended to use sub-accounts if traders want to trade manually simultaneously.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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Ethereum (ETH) $ 3,569.55
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00
BNB (BNB) $ 609.23
Solana (SOL) $ 146.22
XRP (XRP) $ 0.514146
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