Botsfolio Review 2024: Safe, Trustworthy Investment?

What Is Botsfolio?

As the crypto market expands, an increasing number of assets and variables potentially impacting the crypto stock trading markets are being introduced. Botsfolio is one of the many helpful tools companies have released to make market monitoring and cryptocurrency asset trading easier and more automated.

Botsfolio is a crypto trading bot that manages one’s crypto trading and buys/sells cryptocurrencies based on preferences and market insights. This Botsfolio review aims to discuss the platform’s offerings. 

Unlike some crypto trading bots, Botsfolio only works with a few exchanges for crypto portfolio management and devices a trading strategy based on the value of assets available at these cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can use the Botsfolio bot to devise a trading strategy and plan futures trading per anticipated trends.

The software also works as a hedge bot and manages the crypto asset per the individual’s risk appetite. At the same time, one can do it with minimum investment and highly valued assets. The crypto trading bots in the application also empower the users to build a crypto portfolio by crypto trading, even with zero knowledge of coding or any trading expertise, making it a good choice for beginners.

Botsfolio Summary

Official Website
Established 2020
Available Payment Options Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, & Litecoin
Cloud-Based No
Supported Exchanges Binance, OKX, Coinbase Pro
Mobile Support Yes
Plans and Pricing Start from $5
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, & FAQs Support
Botsfolio User Interface

How Does Botsfolio Work?

The Botsfolio automated trading bot enables users to automate trades based on their investment strategies or those suggested by the platform. Once signed up with the platform, the users can input their assets and choose a trading strategy that matches their risk appetite.

Like a scalper bot, the Botsfolio bot can limit the net value of goods traded through the individual’s account. Furthermore, new users can visit the website and check the output of crypto trading strategies before registering with the platform.

The crypto trading automation platform is a powerful tool to understand where one’s trading decisions might be wrong and what trends & factors can make profitable trades. The automated trading bot platform of Botsfolio works with three crypto exchanges (at the time of writing this Botsfolio review), the primary being the Binance exchange.

Binance is a robust crypto assets trading platform that hosts its tokens and can be accessed in numerous countries worldwide. By limiting the number of exchanges, an excellent platform might lose some possibilities. Still, it ensures the assets are legit and reliable, traded through a safe platform, and follow the jurisdictions.

Botsfolio Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The automated trading system can be highly useful for users who don’t have any information about the domain and wish to profit in the digital asset market without investing copious time. A platform focused on beginners and their futures trading isn’t ideal for experienced traders or seasoned players.
The trading strategy adopted by the bot is usually a safe bet and makes better predictions for what it is. The fee charged by the platform is based on the net worth of one’s portfolio and not the features it offers, along with an additional performance fee.
Botsfolio has a clean and simple interface that is easy to navigate instead of a complicated design. Only functional on the Coinbase Pro,, and Binance platforms.

Key Features

For a relatively new and compact automated trading bot, Botsfolio has more features than other popular cryptocurrency trading bots and allows users to automate crypto trading with a few simple steps.

To make gains in the crypto markets, Botsfolio offers various functionalities as well, some of them being the ones listed below:

Calculate Your Portfolio Value

The users who have signed up with the platform can have Botsfolio calculate the net value of their assets listed on the supported exchanges and allocate investment to execute trades for predictable changes and safe profits effectively.

Once the users have inputted all their assets or linked their crypto wallets and exchanges, the platform can also give investment advice through the trendy bot that devices a strategy based on the latest market patterns and expected fluctuations.

Calculate Your Portfolio Value at Botsfolio

Crypto Exchanges

Since the platform’s inception in 2020, Botsfolio has added more exchanges to its list for operations, reaching three exchanges.

These three crypto exchanges are some of the world’s leading exchanges, and Botsfolio automatically trades through these exchanges to maximize the returns. These exchanges are Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Okx.

While the cryptocurrency trading strategies might not always be the same for each exchange, trading through multiple exchanges always gives the users a headway to sell short instead of sticking to futures trading without jumping ships.

Crypto Buckets

Crypto buckets are an intelligent architecture on the platform which can significantly reduce the risk level as it divides the possible trades and listed assets into various buckets. These buckets are assets and fixed values that would be traded differently than the remaining portfolio, as diversifying remains a sound investment strategy. Following are the four strategies for trading bots:

Smart Accumulation

Smart accumulation is a feature of these crypto buckets under which the swinger bot would only buy coins when their prices dip, not when the value starts to shoot up. This way, the users won’t have to be logged into the system 24/7 and can accumulate assets at better prices.

This form of risk management intelligence focuses on increasing the Botsfolio’s value following the trends.

Smart Sell

In contrast to smart accumulation, this feature sells the assets to the crypto exchange as a hedge fund manager when the prices fall to prevent any major losses in the portfolio.

The Botsfolio highly secured trading bot takes note of the prices and would also make a sale based on the risk level of the stocks following the trail of value and its fluctuations in the market.

Smart Accumulation & Smart Sell

The best way to get the most out of the features mentioned above would be to use a hybrid model with the crypto trading bot that can sell assets as the value starts to vary a lot and then buy once the prices are low again.

This combination is one of the more basic ways to manage the crypto portfolio efficiently, as consumers won’t have to monitor the markets all the time, and all the bots can make trades based on different trading strategies when the time is right.

Key Features of Botsfolio

One-time Investment vs. Adding To Your Investment Periodically

Depending on one’s needs, a user with a Botsfolio savings account can take two different approaches. An individual can set up automated bots only to trade the existing value through the crypto investing process and make the most of the crypto investment at any time.

Under this feature, the user doesn’t have to keep investing in growing their portfolio and only trade with the value investing. However, adding to the initial investment is another way to make more of a fixed income Botsfolio profile.

As the top trading bots get more and more money to invest, it not only enables better performance against market volatility but also adds to the possibilities on top of the profits from the previous investment. The value investing should still be adequate that one can afford to lose, especially for an individual who does not automate trading.

Botsfolio Account Sign-Up Process

To access Botsfolio, users must follow some basic steps to register with the platform. These crypto trading bots store great potential and can be accessed by paying a reasonable fee and only a small percentage of one’s profits through digital assets. Follow the steps below to effectively execute trades:

Create Account

A New user can visit the website and click the “Register” button to start signing up for the Botsfolio platform. The individuals would have to enter their details, and like a financial advisor, Botsfolio would need to connect to the assets that one has.

Botsfolio Account Sign Up Process

Decide Your Investing Goals

Upon completing the registration process, one can choose between active trading or passive.

Every user is advised to trade carefully and invest a small amount even while using such a tool in the crypto world to minimize risk.

These goals also depend on whether the user wishes to continuously add more money to their portfolio or fly with a one-time investment.

Connect Your Exchange

The last step of getting started with the bot parameters would be to connect the cryptocurrency exchange the account is based on. If a user doesn’t have an account on either of the three exchanges, they can sign up with the one they like and proceed all the same.

Botsfolio Pricing Plans

The Botsfolio pricing structure is considered one of the more complicated ones in the industry, albeit better than many other online brokers.

The cryptocurrency market evaluation of the portfolio decides the fees charged by the Botsfolio, and price movements by trading decisions might affect the same. There are four pricing plans as listed below:

Portfolio Value Pricing Plan
$1.0k – $3.0k $5/month
$3.0k – $10.0k $10/month
$10.0k – $50.0k $15/month
$50.0k – $100.0k $20/month

In addition to the fees that are charged based on the size of the portfolio, the subscription-based service also has a performance fee, which isn’t extremely rare.

Botsfolio takes a part of one’s earnings based on how profitable the Botsfolio has been. The security Botsfolio fees are separate from this performance fee.

However, to create unlimited portfolios with account value under $500 there are two parts:-

Free – Users can create unlimited portfolios, use all pre-made portfolios, and features of automation free.

0.5% Yearly – The user can create unlimited portfolios, use all pre-made portfolios, and features automation for 0.5% of the user’s account value annually.

Botsfolio Affiliate Program

Like many crypto-related websites and trading platforms, Botsfolio has an affiliate program. By signing up for the program, users can become partners and earn passive income by inviting new users to Botsfolio.

The perks of the affiliate program include up to 50% of net purchases and up to 30% of the performance fees of the invited users as they begin to trade any of the underlying assets through Botsfolio instead of traditional investors.

The volatile market might not always make profits, but many invited users can enable the affiliates to make money as their portfolios gain.

The growing artificial intelligence field might further open up the door for sub-affiliation at Botsfolio.

Botsfolio Affiliate Program

Botsfolio Security

Users’ account is safe and well-protected because the Botsfolio API that connects to Binance,, or Coinbase Pro account is encrypted. Botsfolio allegedly blocked the withdrawal feature from the API that connects to the exchange to prevent money theft. The traders must maintain the API keys in an encrypted format, as the platform uses SSL certificates to ensure security. 

Users’ money is not transferred, stored, or otherwise restricted in any way by Botsfolio. Once their trading strategy is in place, Botsfolio trades directly from your exchange. Your assets and accounts are still entirely under your control. 

With built-in risk management intelligence, Botsfolio’s crypto trading bot offers investment strategies to assist users in managing their finances.

Customer Support 

The online platform has a fine reputation for supporting customers, and users can reach the customer support team through only two methods. One would be to contact the support team through the social media handles of the Botsfolio (Facebook and Twitter). Aside from this, the users would have to be limited to contacting the brand using email. They also have a designated FAQ section.

The Botsfolio application doesn’t appear to have a live chat feature, which is common in most crypto bot services. New investors with a lack of automated experience or trading experience should familiarize themselves with the workings of the Botsfolio system beforehand instead of relying on the customer support team to make profits.

Botsfolio Review: Conclusion

According to this Botsfolio review, it can be considered a reliable platform focused on getting new traders started in spot and futures trading and investing through the supported exchanges without any intel or experience. Botsfolio is streamlined and offers a seamless interface to help users get started.

The platform members can earn reasonable returns irrespective of their domain knowledge or time spent trading. Like other tools, Botsfolio withdraw portfolio returns are better than making guesses based on hunches.

One can buy cryptocurrencies through automated crypto bots while using different strategies the bot can develop. While experienced or novice traders cannot predict the support for other exchanges, the platform will grow in the coming years as uninformed users continue to use the trading strategy created by bots based on the risks involved instead of investing through strategies based on emotional intelligence.

Before limiting the selection to value investing and long scaler bots, Botsfolio offered several bot strategies, including a swing bot and hedge bot. Investors are strongly advised to under the risks in the trades and inspect the security services deployed before using Botsfolio to start a trade in the markets for profit.


Is Botsfolio Safe?

Botsfolio maintains a positive reputation for trade through crypto trading bots in the market and seems safe if used wisely. A strong password is also a good bet to keep one’s account safe and increase security.

What is a Trading Bot?

A trading bot is a piece of software that quickly and strategically executes trades in the financial markets.

Is It Possible to Withdraw Funds From Botsfolio?

No, any of the trading bots cannot withdraw money from investors’ accounts, and traders keep the ownership of their assets other than the risk of trade loss by using its services. The owners have complete control over their digital currencies.

Is Botsfolio Trustworthy?

While traders and investors must understand the risk of a volatile market, the Botsfolio software can be trusted to make gains from the allocated investments based on several factors to increase or ensure profitability.

How Easy is Botsfolio?

Botsfolio is an easier platform to use; individuals can start buying or selling investments after they pay the membership fee. These payments can be made through 4 of the leading crypto assets used for payment, namely, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Litecoin.

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